Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Missing Ingredient...

Last week I discovered what was wrong with all the mud pies I ever made as a child.

That is right.  Broken glass.

Yes, once again I was able to use the shop vac to vacuum my lawn and patio area to remove all the small pieces of glass.  Our neighbor girl had a drink in a glass bottle and left it at our house.  They have been playing cooking games for weeks.  I think the bottle was broken on its own in the wind and the kids just took advantage of the situation.  I happened to glance out the window as they were putting a band aid on Grahms foot, or I am sure more fun would have been had.

Grahm told me the glass was their peppers.  Of Course!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Consequences For Mom

One day last year I made Jayce mad at me.  He was sent outside.  I don't even remember the reason for any of it now.  While he was outside he decided that I needed to learn a lesson.  So he wrote me a message...   NO MOM

On the back of the car, scratched into the finish.   Lesson Learned.

The only reason he has lived to tell this tale is our car is a beater and will have to be junked when we leave the island.  Hopefully, they all understand that there is a zero tolerance policy for this choice.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Masquerade Ball

We had some mandatory fun this past Christmas for Jason's work.  The Christmas party was a Formal Masquerade Ball.  Jason looked dashing in his tux.  The kids thought he looked like James Bond.  We won the award for Best Couple Masks.  It was fun to get dressed up and go out without the kids.  I thought I would share the pictures that someone took of us the ball.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Another Harry Potter Wand Tutorial

Grahm asked for Harry Potter wands for Christmas.  Jason and I could not even think of buying the plastic model and I was not going to shell out the money for the nice wood version.

I know there are lots of tutorials out there.  I might have even done mine the same way as someone else, without realizing it.  I read a tutorial that made the wands out of paper and decided that paper would save my kiddos eyes, but be broken in .5 seconds.  So I used the ideas, but used very long chopsticks as the base.  One day Jason will have time to carve some, but by then they will have moved on to other interests.

How to make your own Harry Potter Wand:
You will need:
Chopsticks in desired length (mine are 13" long)
Heavy duty scissors
Hot glue (lots of it)
Hot glue gun
Fine grit sandpaper (120, 150, or higher)
Spray Primer
Craft paints in desired colors
Spray clear coat
beans or rocks
Opt:  Kitchen torch

Step 1:  Cut off the sharp point of the chopsticks.  There was no science behind how much I took off.  I didn't want the ends too sharp.

Step 2: Lightly sand the finish off of the chopsticks.

Step 3:  Warm up your glue gun.  You will start applying glue where every you want it.  I started on the handles.  I put some on and then kept rotating the chopstick to keep the glue from dripping off or forming any shape I didn't like.  I rotated it in a circle, end to end.  Just keep it moving.  You will get the hang of how the glue is going to act and you will be able to manipulate it to get the shape you like.  If you end up with something you don't like you can easily rip off the glue at this point.  Or grab you kitchen torch and warm the glue back up (it is okay if it browns a little on the outside).  Keep adding glue until you are happy with it.  (I fell in love with hot glue again.)  For the Elder Wand, I used a plastic chopstick dipped in water (too keep the glue from sticking to it) and as the glue cooled I poked the glue to make indention's.

When you are happy with it, place in jar with beans or rock to keep the glue from resting on anything until completely cooled.

In the picture you can see the Harry Potter wand in the back and the beginnings of the Elder Wand.
Step 4:  After you have the shape you want take it outside and place in jar with beans and spray with a primer.  After it is dry you can take it out and hold it while you spray the end.

Step 5:  Use the craft paint to paint your wands as you desire.  To darken the grooves, wait until the base coat is completely dry and then dab darker paints in the grooves and quickly wipe off excess before you soften the base layer.  Use lighter colors and darker colors to mimic the look of real wood.  It is hard to see in the pictures.

Step 6:  Place in jar of beans outside and spray a clear coat to protect your hard work.  Again, hold it to spray the end after the handle is dry.

We still have not had any accidents with our wands.  The kids enjoy playing and casting spells.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Photos for the girls

I wanted to have one year old pictures of Tennyson taken in a light pink dress that I was smocking for her.  Problem 1, it took longer than I thought to find the time to finish it.  Problem 2, life was crazy after it was done...  so the pictures are more like 14 month old pictures.  

Oh, and all you photographers - please give me pointers on what I need to improve on.  And Grandmas which ones do you want for your walls.

Charlotte turned 4 so these are her 4 year old pictures.  Well, I need to do retakes.  Even though it was cloudy, it was still too bright for her.  All of her pictures she was super squinty, except this one.

The balloons got away.