Saturday, August 16, 2008


We checked out the Maritime Heritage Festival this weekend. When we arrived it was probably the hottest part of the day, so nothing was going on except buying things from vendors. We also opted not to pay to walk around on the ships, so we admired them from afar and tried to keep the troops happy. [The first weekend of June is the Pirate Festival for those of you who will be around for it].

On our way home we stopped in Cedarburg and checked out a few shops (ice cream and candy).

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's a Cave! Can't Go Over It, Can't Go Under It, Guess We'll Go Through It!

Yeah, Jason doesn't have school for two weeks!!! We headed to Cave of the Mounds to make some family memories and let me get a geology fix. It was a nice day and a nice drive. The kids played nicely in the backseat, We visited and held hands (almost a date, except the three blessings in the back).

There at the cave the let you buy bags of dirt with mineral, or fossils in them. You then get to pan for your specimens. The kids really enjoyed it and now we have some nice minerals and fossils (yes we bought 2 bags) to add to our collection. Grahm even found a piece of dinosaur egg shell. We have a small emerald sample, and lots more!!

The cave tour was well done. I learned new cave terminology - flow stone and straws. It was nice and cool, there was one spot where it gets narrow - that made me a little uncomfortable. We saw great formations and the kiddo's liked it.

I love this beautiful world that we live in and I am so lucky that I get to share all its mysteries and beauty with my family. Thank you Heavenly Father!!

The smiles!!

Lottie has such a contagious smile! We are stopped every where we go because of how cute she is and how quick to smile. In fact one day I was shopping with all three kids - doing returns before heading out of town. I had a migraine and just wanted to get done and get home. So I get stopped in every store by someone who wants to talk to her, not me or the boys. I felt like one of the twins in that movie Stuck on You, where you are an unwelcome eavesdropper. Needless to say I was ready to put a bag over her head to get home. I really do enjoy it when others admire my children, I am so proud of each of them and I think they are beautiful. I am grateful that I get to be their mom.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


What did we do in Smithfield?

Eat, zoo, Amalga Days - fireworks, parade, BBQ, movie, Taco Time, wrestle Uncle Shane, color, look at fossils, and make memories. [Oh, and Grahm was bit by Bo (the Great Pyree), but he still wanted to walk him and pet him - mostly scared mom. We butterfly bandaged the spot on his forehead. Grahm you are so brave and tough!!


Lottie and Atty
Aunt Amanda and Atty
Lottie, Grammy and Atty

What did we do in Blackfoot?

Horse riding, water parks, Rupes, movies, swinging on the front porch, sleepovers, Reunions, making memories.

Thompson Family Reunion

We spent two days at my Mom and Dad's house with about 88 people, celebrating my Great-Grandfather's Birthday. We ate dinner (homemade bread, honey butter, jam, salads, etc..) and lit fireworks one day. The next day we ate a huge lunch (don't forget homemade Root beer), visited, played two truths and a lie, shared stories about Great-Grandpa and got wet. It was tons of fun for all!! I love being a part of a big family who loves and supports each other and loves the gospel. Thank you Great-Grandpa and Grandma Thompson!!

Jayce (6 yrs) does not like to get wet especially if the water is cold. When Dad (Grandaddy) was playing with the water he thought he could run by and get a little wet. Well Grandaddy let him have it and he was so mad. He stayed away and would not talk to anyone. At one point Mom (Grammy) tried to talk him out of his funk, all he kept saying was "I don't care, I'm still mad at him." His little chin was stuck out so far.

Pictures by John Hubler, Studio-41.

Fireworks and Extended Family

There is lots of nostalgia associated with small explosives. On one night of the year you get to bundle up against the cool mountain air and grab a blanket to watch Fireworks as we celebrate our freedom and remember those that have made it possible. As you sit there enjoying the children's oohs and ahhs and even giggles of delight you are transported to a place where bedtimes don't matter, the bills don't matter, you exist only in the moment (there is only one other night of the year that this happens).

Thank You to the Troops and Their Families, Our Prayers are with You!!

Ross Park

My family (minus Dad and Amanda) and I spent the day at Ross Park swimming and slathering on SPF!! Here are a few highlights. Grahm (3 yrs old) wanted to go down the slide, so the Aunts volunteered to take him up. I stayed below to take pictures and to stress, at Ross Park they don't let them wear life vests and they have to ride alone. It took lots of coaxing to get him to go. He finally did, when he appeared at the bottom he was as white as a ghost and his eyes were as big as dinner plates and then he turned around and came out backwards. He was in my arms so fast and held tight for some time while we slathered him with praise for being so brave and how cool it was. I think he thinks it is cool now!!