Sunday, August 3, 2008

Thompson Family Reunion

We spent two days at my Mom and Dad's house with about 88 people, celebrating my Great-Grandfather's Birthday. We ate dinner (homemade bread, honey butter, jam, salads, etc..) and lit fireworks one day. The next day we ate a huge lunch (don't forget homemade Root beer), visited, played two truths and a lie, shared stories about Great-Grandpa and got wet. It was tons of fun for all!! I love being a part of a big family who loves and supports each other and loves the gospel. Thank you Great-Grandpa and Grandma Thompson!!

Jayce (6 yrs) does not like to get wet especially if the water is cold. When Dad (Grandaddy) was playing with the water he thought he could run by and get a little wet. Well Grandaddy let him have it and he was so mad. He stayed away and would not talk to anyone. At one point Mom (Grammy) tried to talk him out of his funk, all he kept saying was "I don't care, I'm still mad at him." His little chin was stuck out so far.

Pictures by John Hubler, Studio-41.

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