Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Spooky Charlotte's Web

The last few days the kids have been on a bug collecting kick.  Today after school, Charlotte burst in the door wanting her bug box for a really cool spider.  She grabbed it and out she ran.  This is what she brought back.

 photo CharlottesWebcopy.jpg

Fortunately no humans were harmed in the collection process.  A neighbor girl actually collected this beautiful Black Widow specimen.  She is a fantastic, eerie, creepy, perfect example of a Black Widow.  Everyone here now has the heebie jeebies.  I think Jason is spraying tomorrow!

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pretty in Pink and Orange

While my 3 oldest boys are roughing it in the cold, it is getting in the 30's.  They are also sporting attractive orange clothing.  I thought I would share a complete contrast.

 photo PinkSunset_0009.jpg
Okinawa Sunset
Stay warm and safe!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Our Little Park

Just before we left Japan we spent lots of time at our little park.  Jason would frequently use it as his way of entertaining the girls while I was busy with the baby.  I joined them one day and Jason had his camera.  Those fun moments you get to watch your kiddos be kids.

 photo Backyardpark_0015copy.jpg

 photo Backyardpark_0029copy.jpg

 photo Backyardpark_0030copy.jpg

 photo Backyardpark_0023copy.jpg

As the temperatures get cooler and cooler here I start to miss the mild temperature of our island.  I think I would even take a typhoon if it meant I was warm and could wear flip flops.  We are adjusting and getting settled, it just seems like there is always an urgent situation needing out attention and I can't get into a routine.  I am craving it.  How do you get a routine going when every day something important disrupts it all?  Seriously, would love to hear!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Why We Use Straws

This is why we use straws to drink my smoothies!

 photo SmoothieMishap_0001copy.jpg

I make really thick smoothies because that is how I like them, more like a Frosty.  Except my Frosty's have spinach, kale, blueberries, raspberries, flax, and pineapple juice.  Lately I have been throwing in an apple from the local orchards - oh yummy!  My friends taught me that the blueberries cancel out the bitterness from the Kale (and never use the stems, too bitter).  The kids like them as long as I use plenty of pineapple juice.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pictures of our last day, Jayce's Perspective.

I was downloading pictures and found these from our last day in Japan.  I of course demanded that we spend part of it at the beach.  We only had the morning until Jason had to drop off our car to its new owners.  What I love about these pictures is Jayce had the camera for a big part of the day.  I get to see what he thought was worth taking pictures of, I think they are cute.

 photo LastDay_0005copy.jpg
Digging for sand toys.

 photo LastDay_0008copy.jpg

 photo LastDay_0043copy.jpg

 photo LastDay_0041copy.jpg
They decided to splurge and pay for a banana boat ride.  The Japanese are always worried about safety.

 photo LastDay_0042copy.jpg
They are waiting for the ride to start, I don't think Jason was impressed.  It was impressive enough for my boys.

 photo JayceCollage7.jpg
I love all the selfies!  I wonder if the sign is warning about Typhoons or what.  The wave is picking up that poor kid.

 photo Tych2-1.jpg
He loves the soda machines and Shisa's!

 photo Tych3.jpg
Jayce will miss the vending machines and soda choices.

 photo Tych4.jpg
A wooden ship playground, the kids love the zip line.

 photo Tych6.jpg

 photo Tych5.jpg

 photo JayceCollage9.jpg

I had never read this sign and always wondered why they chose a wood ship for a playground.  Thanks  Jayce for the story!

 photo JayceCollage8.jpg
More cute selfies!

 photo LastDay_0048.jpg
Our final sunset, it was beautiful.