Friday, August 27, 2010

Our Summer Vacation - Post 3: Idaho

We spent a little over a week in Idaho with the Miller family.  Time flew by way too fast.  The worst part - everyone had to keep reminding me that we were leaving.  I did okay when I just thought of the whole thing as just another summer visit and then we would be flying home (not to Japan).  So once a day or more I and my Mom or one of my sisters would have to choke back a few tears, change the subject quickly and keep having fun.  Saying goodbye was really hard this time (I will blame it on the hormones associated with the growing belly - everyone else come up with your own excuses - I MISS ALL OF YOU TERRIBLY).

We spent our time eating yummy food, letting the cousins have sleepovers and hang out (not nearly enough).  We helped work some Low Line Angus (mini cows).  Jason of course refused to be the babysitter or hang out with us girls - so he found work to do to stay busy (plus who doesn't love a chainsaw and a big tree).

Branding Cattle (the dry ice method)

A little roping!
Calf Wrestling

This is what the girls do while the boys work cattle.

Loving Cowboy boots with a tutu (need to find her a pair)

First Lessons on Balance

Getting Atty to hold still for a picture

One accident hit us while we were in Idaho.  Just a few days before we left all of the adults (minus the pregnant one) were in the middle of an intense volleyball game.  The kids were playing off somewhere - the toddlers on the porch.  Well Charlotte and Atty were on the porch swing (freshly repaired by Jason and recently rehung) watching Lincoln playing with a car.  Atty and Charlotte leaned a little too far over the back to see and flipped the porch swing completely over (all 3 kids swallowed by the swing).  I was holding baby Sailor and went running, they climbed our from the carnage very upset.  Charlotte was hysterical.

I know from experience after you get stitches in your chin - every time you bump it, it feels like it has split open again.  She was so scarred about it happening all over again.  It was so sad.  Fortunately the other two didn't get a scratch or even really a bump.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Summer Vacation - Post 2: Camping in Malad (A)

On our drive in to Cache Valley we made the "mistake" of stopping at a rest stop perched on top of a mountain.  As soon as I smelled the fresh mountain air I exclaimed "Let's go Camping".  So we did our best and made it happen, we drug the Geary's along for the ride.
Future hunter. Don't shoot your eye out!
Big tree on our hike!

Everybody Up!
Too tired for the hike, thank goodness for Daddy's!

Proof that they do get along (I need to print this one up big - just for me)

We missed you Colby (all of the Geary Grandkids  - except Colby).
This one was hard to get them to kind of sort of pose for and then I screwed up!
Our family picture waterfall (we don't get one every year - but started taking pictures here when Jayce was a bun in the oven).

Summer Vacation - Post 2: Camping in Malad (B)

We only camped for one night - but we sure took tons of pictures (maybe to help get us through the next while of no mountains, wildlife or camping like we know).

Camping is not all fun.  Gathering some kindling for the boys second night.  That's right, they sent all of us girls home and the boys stayed for another night.  The did more hiking and campfire story telling (be warned - my boys like to tell stories.  The make them up and will recount entire movies or books to you.  I think Grandpa wont need to read The Last Olympian, book 1).

At one point on their hike, Grandpa and Jayce opted to head back to camp.  This left Dad and Grahm to reach the summit alone and Grahm did it.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Our Summer Vacation in 3 Posts: Post 1 - Smithfield

We spent just over a week in Smithfield with the Geary's.  They spoiled us rotten.  We enjoyed yummy food (the best fruit leather - ever, and more).  The kids were entertained by cousins and Grandma (it was a nice break for me, a little relaxing after all that packing).  Here are some highlights:

Splashing in the backyard

A little too cold for my chicks!

Big Brothers are so thoughtless, splashing in the pool!

While digging in the orchard, we found water snakes.  We called the kids over to see and catch them.  Grahm - never having any exposure to living snakes was like a kid in a candy shop - NO HESITATION!  Scarry! (look closely at the picture - his smile says it all)

Of course if you catch a water snake you need to take it swimming.  This was one patient water snake - the second one we caught did not enjoy the attention as much.

Jayce says he wants a pet snake, but he had the sense to be a little hesitant about grabbing one.  He hated the feeling of holding it in one hand, the snake wrapped around his arm.  We told him to use both hands - then it was tolerable (not enjoyable).

Grandma loves her grandkids!
I am pretty sure Charlotte almost forgot how to walk during our stay.  Thanks Jenny and Stacey for taking such good care of them.

Jason and I gifted his parents with several new additions to their orchard!  It kept Jason out of trouble for a little while.

The whole crew working on planting! (Jason, Dennis, and Shane).

He is so sexy when he works hard!

Camera Dodging (I think he has extra eyes that alert him when the camera is pointed in his direction).

Celebrating the 4th of July!

They love art!  Thanks Grandma for making Mom chill and let us get messy!

Painting Percy Jackson pictures (Minotaur and Cyclopes).