Monday, August 16, 2010

Jason's Last Wisconsin Adventure

About a week before we left Wisconsin Jason and two friends from work (Mike and Josh) chartered a fishing boat to pit Man against Salmon on the Great Lake Michigan.  I am still unsure who won and who lost, but the few they brought home were tasty!

I think the biggest competition out there was who's fish was biggest!
My only personal question is:  If you catch the biggest and the littlest, do you still win?


Jeanna said...

It's my opinion that if you caught the largest fish and the smallest that you definately win. You can be called the first winner and the first looser! But if you are as cute as Jason.......well, you automatically win

Jen said...

So glad the guys did that with Jason before he had to get rid of all his macho stuff before going to Japan. And he was definitely the winner for the day.