Friday, August 20, 2010

Fishing in Wisconsin with the Kids

Jason did his fatherly duties before we left Wisconsin and took the kids fishing.  I ended up on the outing under the ruse of "you need to take pictures."  Ha - Running 3 poles and 3 kids is more than 2 parents can handle!!  Jason was constantly re-worming hooks, untangling line, and running when ever we said we had a nibble (I am clueless).  All in all we had a good time and the kids actually caught fish (Thank you Hawleys for showing us the spot).

Grahm loves the worms, unhooking a fish, etc.. (don't ask him to wait for a fish to bite).  Jayce loves casting his line and catching a fish (but, don't make him bait his hook or unhook a fish).  Charlotte loves everything as always.

There were the little schools of fish that were too tiny for a hook but would devour your worm as you reeled it back to shore, Jayce managed to snag one.

The look says it all!

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