Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Our Wisconsin Rummage

About 2 weeks before we left Wisconsin we had a rummage sale in an attempt to downsize, de junk, and of course pad our wallet for the move.  I am not sure we really succeeded in any of the areas.  Our neighborhood had their annual rummage the weekend before and I was not aware of it until the day before and I was not ready - so we missed out on advertising.

We really only had the locals who stopped by.  Jayce and Grahm tried to sell Krispie Kreme doughnuts, soda and chips.  After paying us back for the doughnuts and a charitable contribution of sodas from the parents - they each pocketed about $12.

We managed to sell all of the larger items (I don't think I could have moved them one more time).  The clothes - hardly any sold - so we donated them to a friend to sell at her annual rummage.  The rest we hauled to Goodwill.  All in all we almost made enough to buy our new couch (still sad to see ol' blue go).

Mostly we spent two day goofing around in the front yard!


KT said...

ahhh Got to love rummage sales...I still haven't had a chance to hit any this year...I better do it soon or else I'll be SOL.

Katie said...

Ohhhh seeing all those pics of your house makes me miss you all the fun we had there!! Baby showers, playgroups, decorating for women's conference, crafting, playing in the back yard...I think I miss the craft group and just chillin' with the girls the most.