Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Milwaukee Zoo - Dinosaur Exhibit

If you stay in one place long enough you might get to see some of the visiting exhibits more than once.  The zoo was on the boys list of things to do one more time before we left Milwaukee.  We headed over with our friends the Hawleys (the Dads were working) to see the animals.  We had lots of fun and Charlotte is at the perfect age for zoo visiting - she loved everything (it was her first time - I know - bad Mom).

One really fun thing was the Dinosaur Exhibit was visiting again.  These dinosaurs are robotic.  They move and make nosies, one even sprays poison (water).  The first time we saw the dinosaurs was in 2006.  The boys were a little nervous then.  This time they put on their brave faces and showed all the girls how not to be afraid.  I think turning your back on a dinosaur to get your picture taken can be a little unsettling.

Time Marches On!


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