Monday, September 22, 2008

Do You See What I See?

Do you see it?


Look Closer.... How about now?

Look Closer... Freckles!!!! Grahm has freckles, we spotted his spots and had to share the news. We counted 9. Now I don't have to tell him that the Angel kisses don't stick to him, because they do.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Busy Week!

Grahm and Charlotte have been very busy this week (that is why 2 posts in one day - lucky you!).

Grahm has been busy in Pre-school, aka "Mommy School." I will give an entire run down of our day another time. In only 3 days of school ( we meet twice a week) he is doing better with his ABC's. I have to say I have been surprised at how well he focuses and follows directions, I thought I would really have to find a different way to approach teaching for him. He seemed to be more of a tactile learner and yet he is doing just as well as Jayce!

This week has been busy and so we has moved his two school days to Wednesday and Thursday, and then it did not happen on Thursday (it did on Wednesday). This meant that on Friday we needed to have school, well today is Friday and I was feeling a little under the weather and was secretly hoping he would just play through the morning and forget about school. Well, I come down the stairs thinking my secret plan is working. He calls me into the playroom to show me something (nothing unusual about this). He wants me to see how clean the playroom is!!! The rule is no school unless the playroom is clean, and today that was no easy feat for a 3 year old. He and Jayce had lots of fun last night and it looked like a tornado had hit. He really wanted to have school, he usually suckers me into helping with the cleanup. Oh, not today, he had cleaned up all the toys himself. So I had to hurry and finish my school preparations so we could have school! It was lots of fun and I am glad he did not let me skip!

Charlotte has been busy doing lots of new things. When she is mad she grunts at you loudly to let you know that she is ticked off. Some times when she is mad she gets up on all fours (this is not how she crawls, she crawls on her belly), grunts, and then flops onto her belly. When she does that she is really upset, you had better giver her back the cell phone.

Today I was laying on the floor playing with her and then I needed to go start making salsa. I left and went into the kitchen. She sat in the middle of the room and she started crying for me. I would tell her to come here and she would stop crying and grunt at me and then start crying again. We did this for awhile before I went and picked her up (spoiled much?).

She has also figured out how to go from crawling (slithering/leap frogging) to sitting. She spent most of the day doing this, you can tell by the look on her face that she is so proud of herself! She is growing way to fast.

I am always so excited for them when they learn something new. However, I really wish they would stay little. Even though I was feeling yucky today my beautiful children made the day enjoyable - thank you kiddos.

Dearest Jason!

I was just thinking I have not sent you a love letter for awhile. Thank you again for helping me with my latest craft project, and you are right - my projects always turn into your projects (well, only if they involve lumber and saws). I know you were super busy last night studying for your Capstone Exam, but you brought home dinner and then you got out your saw (only wish you had done it with your shirt off;)) and made my wood pumpkins look better, and then you were sweet and visited with the girlfriends for a moment, before you went and put the boys to bed. What would I do without you? Thank you for letting me snuggle up last night to get warm even though you were hot (I hate having a fever, it always makes me cold). Thank you for getting the boys breakfast every morning, just so I can have a few more moments in bed. Thank you the very most for always being able to make me laugh when I am angry. I love how your eyes twinkle when you laugh. Thank you and I love you!

Yours Forever,


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Shoes and Laces!!

Thanks to the modern invention of Velcro and bungee cord there are lots of lace less shoe options for our kids. I am not sure I saw any shoes with laces in Kindergarten. I remember the summer before I went to Kindergarten practicing and learning how to tie my shoes. It was a tough thing to master, it seemed impossible to get both shoes tied the same way - looks and tightness. There is nothing worse than one shoe being tighter than the other, ugh!

Since Jayce is in First Grade and participating on the school soccer team (cleats are required and they have yet to use bungee cord on soccer cleats - somebody should try it out!), we decided it was time to figure it out. His new school shoes finally arrived on Monday, so that afternoon and evening in between practicing soccer in the backyard (complete with shin guards, socks and cleats!!!) he mastered tying his shoes. This was without crying, whining, quitting, or any yelling. Wow, maybe it is because he is older and wiser or maybe he is smarter than his mom.

Congratulations, Jayce. You amaze me!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What Do Children Do?

Conversation at my house:

Charlotte (9months): Mom, I am tired.
Me: Okay, just give me a minute. I am trying to sew you a dress for Aunt Laurie's wedding.
Charlotte: Mom, I am really tired.
Me: Okay, just a few more seconds and I can stop.
Charlotte: Mom, I said I was tired.
Me: Coming.
Charlotte: MOM!!! Tired!! Now!!
Me: Okay (I scoop her up and sit down to feed her)
Grahm and Jayce: We want a snack.
Me: Can you wait a minute. Charlotte is fussing.
Grahm and Jayce: Nooooooo.
Me: Don't you dare throw a fit. Go grab an apple. (boys leave to eat apples)

Charlotte is done eating and we head up stairs to get her in bed. I start to rock her while I stand before I sit her in bed. Boys start yelling down stairs that they need me to wash them. They start yelling louder. Charlotte starts crying. I am getting upset, I just want her to go to sleep the boys to play and to sew the dress. Boys yelling some more. Charlotte squirming and fussing.

Grahm and Jayce: Geesh, what is Mom's problem. She is always so grouchy. Oh, well let's go play Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. (ad libbing here!!)
Me: Charlotte, please go to sleep. Don't you want me to sew your pretty dress? Come on, what is wrong?
Charlotte: Mom, I am so tired. Please just hold me for a second.
Me: No, I need to go and sew. You can just lay down like always and go to sleep.
Charlotte: Just for a minute ,please. You know that if you just hold me for a minute it will be faster than you trying to rush things. (haha, I think she listens to me tell Mr. Geary that all the time. If he would just give me the kiss and hug the way I like it - just a tad longer than a peck - he could get back to work so much faster than when he rushes it. I always grab him and make him do it right and then I make it a little longer just because he rushed it!!!)

  • In those moments when Charlotte is fussing and wont lay down with out some extra holding and the boys are hounding at me I have often thought what would I be doing at this moment if I did not have children. I would be getting all those projects done that are piling up, I would be going to work every day - hopefully Geology, buying new clothes, eating out and the list goes on. Then in my moment of angst I cave - I sit down in that rocking chair and I snuggle her close. I watch her sweet face as she studies mine while she slowly drifts off. Then I hold her for a few more moments before I tuck her in and then I go find the boys who have completely given up on me. I sit down on the floor and watch them play (and if I am allowed I might join in). What do Children do? Some times they force us to take those moments because we think we are to busy. They make us pause and I am very grateful because I cherish those moments. It is in those quiet moments that the spirit speaks to my heart and I silently whisper my thanks.

    P.S. Charlotte is calling for me now!

Friday, September 12, 2008

One day I had large sheets of bubble wrap and we tied them on like superhero capes and they ran around saving the day. (May 2006)
I was thinking about some of the funny and cute things that Jayce and Grahm have said. I think they both have come up with some of the same ones.

On one family adventure we were in Chicago with Grammy and we had been shopping the Magnificent Mile. We decided to go into one of the shopping centers and check things out, well there were stairs, and escalators. I think going up was no big deal, maybe we carried everything or maybe we found the elevator. On the way down Jayce was in the stroller and Grahm was being carried. Grammy turned Jacye and the stroller around and went down the escalator, so Jayce was tilted backwards. Jayce was freaking out and we were telling him how cool and brave he was (I think we do that often). Jayce replied in a shaking voice - "I was not being brave, I was being scared."

Grahm said basically the same thing at Ross Park this summer when he went down the water slide solo. I wonder how often in life as a parent and adult I say the same thing when I am faced with challenges: potty training, pregnancy, emergency room visits, new callings at church, new jobs, moving, etc... When I have made it through the challenge do I look back and think, "I was not being brave, I was being scared"? (I was not being happy, I was being angry, etc...)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wranglers - Gotta Love 'em

Why is it that there is nothing cuter than a brand spankin' new pair of Wranglers? Check out these cute rear ends!!! And they are mine:)

Wednesday Grahm, Charlotte and I joined Shalet, Daxton, and Lucas Godfrey at 'R' Farm. It was nice to sample all the fresh fruit. We had grapes off the vine. A couple of the varieties were quite the shock, and not from the taste. As soon as you bit into it the entire globular center would pop out of the skin, so on one side of your moth was the skin and then the other a nice globular slimy mass! We liked the tiny grapes that did not do that!!! The boys ran around climbing up in the apple trees. I remember thinking that I want more afternoons like this in my life - nice weather (border line jacket weathers), good company and happy healthy boys running around doing boy things!!! It was one of those nice peaceful content moments that are gifted to you every now and then.

Friday, September 5, 2008

My Very Own Mr. Darcy

It is funny, after reading NieNie and how she calls her husband Mr. Nielson because of the movie Pride and Prejudice, I laughed because I thought the same thing when I saw that movie and call Jason Mr. Geary at times.

So why does my Mr. Geary qualify for the title today, because last night in the rain and dark he fixed my car brakes for me. He should have been studying or eating his warm meal, but no with love in his heart he braved the downpour to ensure the safety of his beloved wife (that's me!!). I love you Mr. Geary, and you look cute soaked to the bone! (Tonight is date night, I will be dining with my personal mechanic!)
Edit: Mr. Geary just informed me that my post was sweet but cheesy. Well love letters are either beautifully poetic or cheesy (I don't think I can do beautifully poetic). So I apologize for forcing my cheesiness on my readers!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Love for Nie

There are thousands of people who have fallen in love with Nie and her family and thousands more who will as their story continues to be told. I discovered Nie only recently (Aug 25), another blog I was reading was trying to raise money for them and posted a family picture. I was immediately drawn to learn more about this family. Perhaps the picture captured the love and joy for each other and life or maybe I was being prompted to find them as so many have to answer the need for prayers and help in any way.

As I began to read the NieNieDialogues I cried for the family as I learned more about the tragedy. Nie and Mr. Nielson (her husband) were in a plane crash. Nie has burns on 80% of her body and Mr. Nielson on 30% of his. I cried for her children, for her, for her Mr. Nielson, and her family. I then read her entire blog over the next few days (I read it from recent to oldest), and I fell in love with her. She is definitely one of those people you want as a friend. Her love for life and her family is contagious. She finds joy in every day moments and most importantly she recognizes those moments and shares them. She has invited the world into her home and influenced thousands, she has taken a great opportunity and magnified it. If you dare to enter your life will be touched.

Nie has inspired me in so many ways:
  • Be comfortable with me

  • Loosen up (its okay for your kids to jump in the pond)

  • Eat healthier

  • Wear Aprons - she always looks so cute in one (so Mom, remember the cute aprons you started sewing for us, well you better finish it, x-mas is coming:))
  • Find the good in each moment

  • Cherish my husband

  • Encourage your husband and children to follow their dreams

  • Follow my dreams

  • Never forget that I am daughter of God

  • and so much more!!

Martha Stewart is where we turn when we need a craft idea, need a household tip, entertaining rules and ideas, decorating tips and ideas. She is the woman who inspires us to create beauty in our homes and gardens and to share it. What does Martha Stewart have to do with Nie (besides Nie enjoys her as much as the rest of us)? Nie is the Martha Stewart of our souls. She encourages to be better mothers, wives, and Daughters of God. She teaches us to look for our Heavenly Father in the world around us. She encourages us to see beauty in ourselves and the world. She teaches us to be grateful. She wants us to love and she wants us to share.

As Nie faces this new challenge in her life, she will again inspire us and disappoint the cynics everywhere who can't see the good. She will always be Nie and she is beautiful.

We miss you Nie and Mr. Nielson!

I also want to thank her family for the amazing example they are. They inspire us as well, it must run in the family. Thank you C Jane for keeping us updated and for your words of wisdom. I am sure you all know how blessed you are for all that you are doing for Nie and Mr. Nielson. Our prayers are with you as well. Continue to find joy in the moments. We love you, too. Thank you for sharing Nie with us!!

For more inspiration visit CJane

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Erinals,.... anyone?

Today was the first day of First Grade. School marks the passing of time, he is getting older. Jayce was so excited. He had lots of fun, played with all of his friends at recess, has his own spot at table #4. The best part of First Grade is the bathrooms! That's right folks, the bathrooms. In Kindergarten the bathroom is in the classroom, but in first grade it is in the hall. You get to use the "erinals or the stall," Jayce likes the erinals best.

Jayce, I love you. Have lots of fun in first grade, always do your best, try new things, choose the right, say your prayers whenever you need help, and don't wish for tomorrow. No mother could be prouder!

Monday, September 1, 2008

In the Middle of the Woods!

What a Cutie! Honey you are good looking!! How lucky am I!

For Labor Day we followed the Godfreys into the woods (Lapham Peak). It was a glorious day, the sun was shinning, it wasn't blazing hot, and the park was not over crowded. We went on a hike (hehe - walk) and enjoyed the outdoors. We saw butterflies, caterpillars, chipmunks, and lots of trees.

After lunch the boys kicked balls, threw balls, and ran around. Us girls sat in the shade and thought how nice it would be to take a nap and then they found frogs....Frogs in the pond. They each ended up holding one or two. We took pictures to document the moment (my city slicker boys don't get to see frogs to often, let alone chose to hold one.) It took Jayce a little bit to warm up to hold one, but he did after some ribbing from his mom.

Jayce I am so proud of you for trying something new!! It was fun, huh?

A Perfect Day!