Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Shoes and Laces!!

Thanks to the modern invention of Velcro and bungee cord there are lots of lace less shoe options for our kids. I am not sure I saw any shoes with laces in Kindergarten. I remember the summer before I went to Kindergarten practicing and learning how to tie my shoes. It was a tough thing to master, it seemed impossible to get both shoes tied the same way - looks and tightness. There is nothing worse than one shoe being tighter than the other, ugh!

Since Jayce is in First Grade and participating on the school soccer team (cleats are required and they have yet to use bungee cord on soccer cleats - somebody should try it out!), we decided it was time to figure it out. His new school shoes finally arrived on Monday, so that afternoon and evening in between practicing soccer in the backyard (complete with shin guards, socks and cleats!!!) he mastered tying his shoes. This was without crying, whining, quitting, or any yelling. Wow, maybe it is because he is older and wiser or maybe he is smarter than his mom.

Congratulations, Jayce. You amaze me!!

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susan booth said...

aw thats so sweet! what a great chronicle to daily life, I've bought my son some glow in the dark laces from prezzie plus, to try and get him to want to tie his laces but no good yet.