Friday, September 5, 2008

My Very Own Mr. Darcy

It is funny, after reading NieNie and how she calls her husband Mr. Nielson because of the movie Pride and Prejudice, I laughed because I thought the same thing when I saw that movie and call Jason Mr. Geary at times.

So why does my Mr. Geary qualify for the title today, because last night in the rain and dark he fixed my car brakes for me. He should have been studying or eating his warm meal, but no with love in his heart he braved the downpour to ensure the safety of his beloved wife (that's me!!). I love you Mr. Geary, and you look cute soaked to the bone! (Tonight is date night, I will be dining with my personal mechanic!)
Edit: Mr. Geary just informed me that my post was sweet but cheesy. Well love letters are either beautifully poetic or cheesy (I don't think I can do beautifully poetic). So I apologize for forcing my cheesiness on my readers!!

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