Thursday, September 4, 2008

Love for Nie

There are thousands of people who have fallen in love with Nie and her family and thousands more who will as their story continues to be told. I discovered Nie only recently (Aug 25), another blog I was reading was trying to raise money for them and posted a family picture. I was immediately drawn to learn more about this family. Perhaps the picture captured the love and joy for each other and life or maybe I was being prompted to find them as so many have to answer the need for prayers and help in any way.

As I began to read the NieNieDialogues I cried for the family as I learned more about the tragedy. Nie and Mr. Nielson (her husband) were in a plane crash. Nie has burns on 80% of her body and Mr. Nielson on 30% of his. I cried for her children, for her, for her Mr. Nielson, and her family. I then read her entire blog over the next few days (I read it from recent to oldest), and I fell in love with her. She is definitely one of those people you want as a friend. Her love for life and her family is contagious. She finds joy in every day moments and most importantly she recognizes those moments and shares them. She has invited the world into her home and influenced thousands, she has taken a great opportunity and magnified it. If you dare to enter your life will be touched.

Nie has inspired me in so many ways:
  • Be comfortable with me

  • Loosen up (its okay for your kids to jump in the pond)

  • Eat healthier

  • Wear Aprons - she always looks so cute in one (so Mom, remember the cute aprons you started sewing for us, well you better finish it, x-mas is coming:))
  • Find the good in each moment

  • Cherish my husband

  • Encourage your husband and children to follow their dreams

  • Follow my dreams

  • Never forget that I am daughter of God

  • and so much more!!

Martha Stewart is where we turn when we need a craft idea, need a household tip, entertaining rules and ideas, decorating tips and ideas. She is the woman who inspires us to create beauty in our homes and gardens and to share it. What does Martha Stewart have to do with Nie (besides Nie enjoys her as much as the rest of us)? Nie is the Martha Stewart of our souls. She encourages to be better mothers, wives, and Daughters of God. She teaches us to look for our Heavenly Father in the world around us. She encourages us to see beauty in ourselves and the world. She teaches us to be grateful. She wants us to love and she wants us to share.

As Nie faces this new challenge in her life, she will again inspire us and disappoint the cynics everywhere who can't see the good. She will always be Nie and she is beautiful.

We miss you Nie and Mr. Nielson!

I also want to thank her family for the amazing example they are. They inspire us as well, it must run in the family. Thank you C Jane for keeping us updated and for your words of wisdom. I am sure you all know how blessed you are for all that you are doing for Nie and Mr. Nielson. Our prayers are with you as well. Continue to find joy in the moments. We love you, too. Thank you for sharing Nie with us!!

For more inspiration visit CJane

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