Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What Do Children Do?

Conversation at my house:

Charlotte (9months): Mom, I am tired.
Me: Okay, just give me a minute. I am trying to sew you a dress for Aunt Laurie's wedding.
Charlotte: Mom, I am really tired.
Me: Okay, just a few more seconds and I can stop.
Charlotte: Mom, I said I was tired.
Me: Coming.
Charlotte: MOM!!! Tired!! Now!!
Me: Okay (I scoop her up and sit down to feed her)
Grahm and Jayce: We want a snack.
Me: Can you wait a minute. Charlotte is fussing.
Grahm and Jayce: Nooooooo.
Me: Don't you dare throw a fit. Go grab an apple. (boys leave to eat apples)

Charlotte is done eating and we head up stairs to get her in bed. I start to rock her while I stand before I sit her in bed. Boys start yelling down stairs that they need me to wash them. They start yelling louder. Charlotte starts crying. I am getting upset, I just want her to go to sleep the boys to play and to sew the dress. Boys yelling some more. Charlotte squirming and fussing.

Grahm and Jayce: Geesh, what is Mom's problem. She is always so grouchy. Oh, well let's go play Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. (ad libbing here!!)
Me: Charlotte, please go to sleep. Don't you want me to sew your pretty dress? Come on, what is wrong?
Charlotte: Mom, I am so tired. Please just hold me for a second.
Me: No, I need to go and sew. You can just lay down like always and go to sleep.
Charlotte: Just for a minute ,please. You know that if you just hold me for a minute it will be faster than you trying to rush things. (haha, I think she listens to me tell Mr. Geary that all the time. If he would just give me the kiss and hug the way I like it - just a tad longer than a peck - he could get back to work so much faster than when he rushes it. I always grab him and make him do it right and then I make it a little longer just because he rushed it!!!)

  • In those moments when Charlotte is fussing and wont lay down with out some extra holding and the boys are hounding at me I have often thought what would I be doing at this moment if I did not have children. I would be getting all those projects done that are piling up, I would be going to work every day - hopefully Geology, buying new clothes, eating out and the list goes on. Then in my moment of angst I cave - I sit down in that rocking chair and I snuggle her close. I watch her sweet face as she studies mine while she slowly drifts off. Then I hold her for a few more moments before I tuck her in and then I go find the boys who have completely given up on me. I sit down on the floor and watch them play (and if I am allowed I might join in). What do Children do? Some times they force us to take those moments because we think we are to busy. They make us pause and I am very grateful because I cherish those moments. It is in those quiet moments that the spirit speaks to my heart and I silently whisper my thanks.

    P.S. Charlotte is calling for me now!

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KT said...

Your Doing an Awesom job Micah! and I always look up to you for an example of how I want to turn out.