Friday, September 12, 2008

One day I had large sheets of bubble wrap and we tied them on like superhero capes and they ran around saving the day. (May 2006)
I was thinking about some of the funny and cute things that Jayce and Grahm have said. I think they both have come up with some of the same ones.

On one family adventure we were in Chicago with Grammy and we had been shopping the Magnificent Mile. We decided to go into one of the shopping centers and check things out, well there were stairs, and escalators. I think going up was no big deal, maybe we carried everything or maybe we found the elevator. On the way down Jayce was in the stroller and Grahm was being carried. Grammy turned Jacye and the stroller around and went down the escalator, so Jayce was tilted backwards. Jayce was freaking out and we were telling him how cool and brave he was (I think we do that often). Jayce replied in a shaking voice - "I was not being brave, I was being scared."

Grahm said basically the same thing at Ross Park this summer when he went down the water slide solo. I wonder how often in life as a parent and adult I say the same thing when I am faced with challenges: potty training, pregnancy, emergency room visits, new callings at church, new jobs, moving, etc... When I have made it through the challenge do I look back and think, "I was not being brave, I was being scared"? (I was not being happy, I was being angry, etc...)

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