Friday, September 19, 2008

Busy Week!

Grahm and Charlotte have been very busy this week (that is why 2 posts in one day - lucky you!).

Grahm has been busy in Pre-school, aka "Mommy School." I will give an entire run down of our day another time. In only 3 days of school ( we meet twice a week) he is doing better with his ABC's. I have to say I have been surprised at how well he focuses and follows directions, I thought I would really have to find a different way to approach teaching for him. He seemed to be more of a tactile learner and yet he is doing just as well as Jayce!

This week has been busy and so we has moved his two school days to Wednesday and Thursday, and then it did not happen on Thursday (it did on Wednesday). This meant that on Friday we needed to have school, well today is Friday and I was feeling a little under the weather and was secretly hoping he would just play through the morning and forget about school. Well, I come down the stairs thinking my secret plan is working. He calls me into the playroom to show me something (nothing unusual about this). He wants me to see how clean the playroom is!!! The rule is no school unless the playroom is clean, and today that was no easy feat for a 3 year old. He and Jayce had lots of fun last night and it looked like a tornado had hit. He really wanted to have school, he usually suckers me into helping with the cleanup. Oh, not today, he had cleaned up all the toys himself. So I had to hurry and finish my school preparations so we could have school! It was lots of fun and I am glad he did not let me skip!

Charlotte has been busy doing lots of new things. When she is mad she grunts at you loudly to let you know that she is ticked off. Some times when she is mad she gets up on all fours (this is not how she crawls, she crawls on her belly), grunts, and then flops onto her belly. When she does that she is really upset, you had better giver her back the cell phone.

Today I was laying on the floor playing with her and then I needed to go start making salsa. I left and went into the kitchen. She sat in the middle of the room and she started crying for me. I would tell her to come here and she would stop crying and grunt at me and then start crying again. We did this for awhile before I went and picked her up (spoiled much?).

She has also figured out how to go from crawling (slithering/leap frogging) to sitting. She spent most of the day doing this, you can tell by the look on her face that she is so proud of herself! She is growing way to fast.

I am always so excited for them when they learn something new. However, I really wish they would stay little. Even though I was feeling yucky today my beautiful children made the day enjoyable - thank you kiddos.

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KT said...

OOOHHH I Can't wait to see you two....I wish it were you five instead though!! See you tomorrow...well maybe wednesday I think I'll be sleeping when you get here!!