Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Pursuit of Beauty

I think a universal human desire is find or create greater beauty in oneself.  It is a billion dollar industry and worldwide.  Here are a few off the shelf beauty aids I found here in Okinawa.

Here we have a "belt" to wear at night to keep your face from sagging.  I recently read that running can make your face sag (bounce and gravity), maybe we could start wearing theses to run in.  The other item is used to roll away cellulite.  Charlotte and I like that it is pink, Jason thinks it would be better if used for a massage.
Nose too big?  They also have something similar for your mouth (forgot to get a pic) - too narrow and it will widen you smile.  If your smile is too wide it will pull it narrower.
These are the ultimate for your face - I think they fight wrinkles and help your skin - keep your night creams in place for more effectiveness.  As you can see - they do have lots for the men as well.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dental Visits

During the Holiday break we took the three older kids in for a dental checkup.  It was the first time Grahm or Charlotte had been to see "The Dentist" - Jayce endured a visit while "The Dentist" was in school.

They all enjoyed getting a few X-rays.  Tennyson and I bounced around in the hall and tried to keep the other two children entertained with whatever I had in the Mary Poppins Bag that day.  So far so good - No Cavities!!

Monday, January 17, 2011


Football season is in full swing for us.  The boys have spent December practicing and gearing up for the season and now we enjoy practice twice a week and games on Saturday.  With both boys enjoying their first season of football it keeps Jason busy.  We are lucky that they practice the same days of the week at the same field one after the other.  Jason plays catch with Grahm while Jayce is at practice and then they trade. 

They are in different age brackets.  The crazy thing is that they are both Packers.  I guess I had better go buy some green and yellow to wear.  Half the season they both play games at the same time, which is too bad - but then it is only 1hour of our Saturday. 

Any one who knows me knows that I try to keep things looking brand new for as long as possible.  They came home from their first practice covered in mud (new cleats and my car!).   Quick initiation into the club.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Next Big Project

Here is a peak at what I will be busy trying to get done in between feedings and naps.

Photo courtesy of

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Circus

If Jayce ever tells me his going to run away and join the Circus, I might have to actually take him seriously.

 I think with some time and practice he could really creep me out with his ability to bend/fold, etc...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Caution Label

I know I shouldn't make fun of their attempt at an English translation.  I really appreciate it when they do, it makes figuring out what to do with things much easier.  However, this Caution Label made me chuckle.  It is on the back of some plastic Japanese alphabet pieces (they look like alphabet magnets - but without the magnet).

The third one is my favorite.
And what will the missing parts do?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Morning!

A Be-lated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

Every time I try to finish this post Tennyson has other plans for me.

This Christmas we invited over Jason's tech - her husband is deployed.  Christmas is no fun without family and little children.  She was a huge help Christmas Eve!

Jason was again in charge of taking pictures and video (he had his hands full and the kids don't hold very still - so some of the pictures are blurry).  Here are some of my favorites.

 Grahm wanted Power Rangers and also found a Leapster Explorer and Camera attachment under the tree.

 I think I will be doing some craft projects in the near future!!!

 She loved the scissors more than anything else, they have interchangeable blades so she can cut decorative edges.  The are all plastic - so hopefully only paper.  Her new hair accessories were a gift from her cousins.

 Jayce made the switch to electronics this year.  He asked for a Nintendo DSi.  One of the favorite activities is to take pictures and distort them - yes my behind has been stretched.  BOYZ

She really wanted a Strawberry Shortcake doll (I remember mine).  Santa gave her Lemon Meringue and Raspberry Torte (he messed up, so Mom and Dad fixed it after Christmas - she didn't seem to mind). 
The girls found this under the tree and Charlotte has been cooking every since.

Tennyson and her first doll.  Hair accessories from her cousins.

Santa put all sorts of balloons in the stockings this year.  Jason has been busy - mouse balloons, whistle balloons, tie dye balloons, ...

This is a shampoo hat.  Grahm hates to wash his hair, he doesn't like water on is face and the idea of soap in  his eyes is more than he can handle most days.  Washing his hair is now fun.

Watch out American Idol!   Modeling a new outfit from Grammy.

Multitasking - balloons and Lego's.