Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Pursuit of Beauty

I think a universal human desire is find or create greater beauty in oneself.  It is a billion dollar industry and worldwide.  Here are a few off the shelf beauty aids I found here in Okinawa.

Here we have a "belt" to wear at night to keep your face from sagging.  I recently read that running can make your face sag (bounce and gravity), maybe we could start wearing theses to run in.  The other item is used to roll away cellulite.  Charlotte and I like that it is pink, Jason thinks it would be better if used for a massage.
Nose too big?  They also have something similar for your mouth (forgot to get a pic) - too narrow and it will widen you smile.  If your smile is too wide it will pull it narrower.
These are the ultimate for your face - I think they fight wrinkles and help your skin - keep your night creams in place for more effectiveness.  As you can see - they do have lots for the men as well.


Tim and Sara said...

Or those are the same masks Hanibal Lector has to wear in prison. Haha! Those all crack me up.

Jen said...

Holy mackerel! When I saw that first picture I was concerned that you and Jason had joined some inappropriate lifestyle. The Japanese do sure seem to be concerned with finding the fountain of youth. Are you actually going to try any of those products? If so, let us know if you discover some ancient, Asian secret that may actually work.

T & E's Blog said...

Those look really scary!!! What in the world???

KT said...

Love this post! so fun