Monday, January 17, 2011


Football season is in full swing for us.  The boys have spent December practicing and gearing up for the season and now we enjoy practice twice a week and games on Saturday.  With both boys enjoying their first season of football it keeps Jason busy.  We are lucky that they practice the same days of the week at the same field one after the other.  Jason plays catch with Grahm while Jayce is at practice and then they trade. 

They are in different age brackets.  The crazy thing is that they are both Packers.  I guess I had better go buy some green and yellow to wear.  Half the season they both play games at the same time, which is too bad - but then it is only 1hour of our Saturday. 

Any one who knows me knows that I try to keep things looking brand new for as long as possible.  They came home from their first practice covered in mud (new cleats and my car!).   Quick initiation into the club.

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Kaleb and Abby Widmier said...

Hilarious that they both ended up being Packers. You can take the family out of Wisconsin...but you can't take the Wisconsin out of the family. Hope things are going well for you!