Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Caution Label

I know I shouldn't make fun of their attempt at an English translation.  I really appreciate it when they do, it makes figuring out what to do with things much easier.  However, this Caution Label made me chuckle.  It is on the back of some plastic Japanese alphabet pieces (they look like alphabet magnets - but without the magnet).

The third one is my favorite.
And what will the missing parts do?


Karisa and John said...

That is hilarious! My mom always got a chuckle out of those translations when she lived in Brazil. Like at the doctors office, the questionnaire would say things like, "Is you pregnant?" and "Does red blood come close to your teeth?" and she had a hard time taking it seriously.

Beware of those missing alphabet pieces!

Jen said...

Oh, dear! It is certainly difficult not to laugh at those guidelines. The translations really do make you wonder how their language actually works like are they really talking like that to each other in Japanese.

Shalet said...

Love that!