Tuesday, September 29, 2009


We did it. I think it took our family about 2 years to finish it, once we really committed to reading nightly. We did not set a goal of a chapter or page a day. In the for "Families" edition it breaks up the chapters. This really worked great for keeping it short enough for Grahm to focus.

What did we do when we finished? Jayce wants a party - maybe next week. But, we turned to page one and started it over. I am thinking about including the Old Testament in out nightly reading. I am not sure if that would be hard to read both - attention span wise and keeping out stories straight.

It is gone!!


Okay - I guess yesterday was a day for letting my little ones grow. The Crib is Gone - I repeat - Gone. Taken down - too quickly by the Dad (I might add), hauled up to the attic and replaced.

True - Charlotte has not fallen asleep in her crib for 2 months or more. She will fall asleep anywhere - but cries if you put her in her crib. So she would nap on my bed, fall asleep at night on my bed and then we would move her.

Why is she in such a hurry to grow up - I like to wait until they are at least 2 years old before I move them.

Now, every time I walk past her room - hopefully I will be reminded to hold on while I can.

PS - I will post pics of the new bed later in the week. I love the bed, I love her room - but I don't love the two together. If no inspiration hits - I will ask for ideas!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Laundry Made Me Sad

Laundry has made me feel lots of emotions. I have been mad, overwhelmed, apathetic, lazy, happy (smells good), and more. But, never sad - until today.

Today I was turning a freshly laundered shirt inside out for my baby boy (who turns 5 on Friday!!!) and was a little surprised at how long the arms felt. Fall is always the time for going up a size in clothes and the change from shorts and short sleeves to long pants and long sleeves. So, I think the combination was a shock.

Suddenly - my baby boy felt a little too grown up. He shouldn't be wearing such big clothes!!! I never gave him permission to grow up. I just want these years to last a little longer.

A good reminder to be a little more patient, to raise my voice a little less, to hug a little more, to say I love you more, to snuggle more, to read stories more, and to see the world through his eyes before I can't.

Friday, September 25, 2009

...And He Rides!!

We have spent the last three years talking to Jayce about riding a bike.

"Jayce, it is so much fun - let us take off the training wheels. You'll love it."


Finally we took of the training wheels and started making him try it. He hated it, would carry on. Pedal too slow - so it would hurt your back trying to hold him up. He had a few short successes - but would declare - "I can't do it."

And that would be that.

While in Idaho - he had Uncles, Aunts, and Grandparents equally willing to run around holding his bike up in an attempt to get him to enjoy the JOY of riding a bike. They offered Snake Eyes Halloween costumes as bribes. We offered a BB Gun. Still nothing...

Then Monday night after Family Home Evening we took the three kids and their respective bikes over to the local elementary school paved playground to let them ride and get Jayce to ride. Jason got him started...

and just like that he was riding his bike!!!

I wanted to scream for joy (and out of frustration - he does things when he is good and ready - so I need to learn not to rush him - I guess)!!

The next day - I had to drag an unwilling bike rider on a walk. He was to ride, Grahm on his trike and I was pushing Charlotte in the stroller. And...

HE FINALLY LEARNED TO LOVE IT!!! Now he asks every day to go for a ride!

Monday, September 21, 2009

A Reminder

This post is to remind me, that when Jayce is starting school to be patient. I need to remember that this will pass.

When Jayce started Kindergarten I was excited for him, but my bubble was quickly popped. Suddenly he wasn't Jayce anymore. He had a serious personality change. I was patient with it for a few days. Then it stretched into a few weeks and I started to panic. I was wondering what had happened to him. I was imagining also sorts of bad things that must have happened to cause such a major personality shift.

I was ready to pull him out of Kindergarten. He was ready intellectually - he could read, say his ABC's, count, etc... But, maybe he wasn't ready.

And just like that, he was Jayce again.

I had this epiphany on Friday, when I was emotionally done dealing with an angry 7 year old. I need to remember that Jayce has a hard time dealing with changes in his routine. He is okay with one or two days being off, but settling into a new routine is hard. He was not quite this hard at the beginning of summer, but it still was not fun.

Next year I will be prepared, I think, unless...

What am I going to do next year if Grahm reacts the same way - I think I might go on vacation and let the equally grouchy Dad take care of it!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Backyard Camping

Summer is over, school has started, so we went camping. Jason somehow forced an invitation out of our good friends the Petersen's to use their backyard on a Friday night.

We arrived at about 6pm. Jason hurried to set up the tent and then we cooked!!! We had dutch oven potatoes (oh- yuuummmm), steak, and dutch oven peach cobbler. So yummy. We roasted a few marshmallows and told stories. Well - Jayce recounted the entire movie Zuthura for our friends (it might have been faster to watch it!!). Then we slept - and surprisingly well - Thanks to the Petersen's Therma rest - I have to get one of those for these bones!!

Dewey Morning!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Geary's Are...

Over the past two years I have heard of lots of families who choose a theme to focus on together to create better family unity and improve themselves. I loved the idea. I saw pictures of back to school nights with banners, elegantly set tables, fashion shows, crowns, themes, and yummy food. I heard of Family Home Evenings where families decided what they wanted to be known for. My younger sister was with it and has done similar things with her kids. So....

I decided to join in on this great idea. Mind you that most of the examples I have seen involved girls - so we attempted with our boys (We skipped the fashion show).

Jayce had been in school for 3 days before we had our act together and everyone home to start this tradition (I hope). I set the dining room table, used the china (which really isn't china), improvised a centerpiece to go with the theme, made a banner, improvised a desert (so much for planning ahead), and made crowns (more on that later).
As we sat down to dinner we had our Family Home Evening lesson and discussion as we ate (Jason has to go to bed early these days). We discussed what we wanted Geary's to be known for. Jason and I had decided the night before that Respect would be our goal. We discussed what Respect was and how to be more Respectful. We will continue to work on it.

I shared the story about the Prince who was captured by enemies. While in captivity they subjected him to all sorts of evil activities. After years of this, they asked him why he never joined in with the fun. He replied that he was born to be a king and that is why he did not join in on that kind of behavior. I reminded the boys of their divinity and how we should act because they were born to be Kings. (Thus the crowns I had them wear) I tied it in with being respectful.

We also started a job chart and an allowance. I had to make it completely objective, because I am a Mom who when she gets frustrated would take away their allowance (Meanest Mom in the World). If they don't get one of their jobs done that day, they lose their allowance for the day. Easy Peasy - except sometimes they tell me they don't care if they don't get their allowance. I love being a Mom!!

We concluded the night with all the kids getting a Father's blessing. It was lots of fun and I hope that by the end of the school year we will be a more respectful family!!

Looking Cool!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Back to School

I have obviously put off this post. I really only put it off for a few days because Jayce chose to miss the first week of school to go to the Eastern Idaho State Fair (way more fun).

I guess I am not one of those Mom's who loves back to school. I like our summer routine, there is more flexibility and Jayce actually has free time. On the other hand I love fall, I love the new school clothes, school supplies, etc... I love the excitement and anticipation that builds just before they get to start a new adventure. So I should love it, right?

I miss our lazy mornings, snuggling after everyone else has chose to rush off to their errands and routines. I miss our togetherness, Jayce has an adjustment period. He comes home so cranky and mean. He is annoyed with Grahm all the time, tells him to Shut Up (so rude). He pesters Charlotte and has a hard time when being asked to do something. Once it becomes routine Mr. Hyde leaves us in peace.

I am sure the old days had their problems too. When kids did not attend school regularly because they were needed at home to work on the farm and education was primarily the mothers job. I still find myself wondering if I would like it better.

I would still want my children to have the best education the world has to offer, but I think they end up missing the most important knowledge. Family togetherness, working hard, and many other attributes they would learn best by working side by side with their parents.

I guess I will just have to adjust to the new routine and step it up at home.
Photobucket Photobucket
He loves his GI Joe Lunchbox!!


The whole gang ready to take him to school for his first day of Second Grade - only missed the first five days of school!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Speedy Vacation!!

I know that most people would consider a 12 day vacation a long one. However, I am not most people. I usually spend 4-6 weeks hanging out with family out west - so 12 days is not very long.

Oh - and the month before we left I was short one child. When my parents came to visit us they stole my oldest. Before this he had only spent two nights away from me. He did not miss me, but it was a long month for me. I am like my Mom - I like to have all my chicks at home.

What did we manage to cram in during the past 12 days?
1. Spent the first few days in Utah with the Geary's.
2. Grahm and Charlotte met their Aunt Sara for the first time.
3. Played with bubbles.
4. Dissolved gelatin caps containing sponge animals (hours of fun).
5. Ate fresh Utah Red Potatoes.
6. Visited with Aunts, Uncles, and cousins.
7. Played at the park.
8. Went for walks and hikes (the boys got stuck up the Indian trails - or Jayce did. I had to fetch them in my ballet flats, not the best for hikes).
9. Stayed up late.
10. Drove to Idaho. Love that Sage Brush - Jayce thinks it stinks!!
11. Got my Hair done.
12. Helped paint Laurie's house.
13. Ate lunch with the girls.
14. A little shopping.
15. Watched movies.
16. Played with the cousins (we wish we lived closer).
17. Got Rock Star toes.
18. Ate at Rupe's.
19. Played games.
20. Family Reunion.
21. Played with my Cousins and their kids (wow have we increased in size - we added 10 children to my Mom's primary (4 boys in one class!!!)).
22. Eastern Idaho State Fair - saw the animals, kept Grahm from getting too close to the animals, fed some goats, rode rides, Charlotte was mad that she could not ride more and longer, ate pronto pups, Philly cheese steak sandwich, funnel cake, and cotton candy.
23. Rode horses.
24. Slept in the backyard in a tent with cousins and second cousins.
25. Ran out of Diapers while painting at Laurie's. We borrowed some underwear and used a pad to be sure she didn't have an accident on Laurie's carpet. Wow - I am such a prepared Mom;)
26. Dirty Wranglers. While we painted, the boys would go explore the Lava flows at the other end of the pasture. I was very nervous they would meet a rattler, but they never did. They found lots of rocks. Grahm fell into a prickly pear, stuck his hand in it. I think Jayce yelled at him lots, because he did not want to go back to the house - but he did help him get all the prickles out. On the way back, crossing by the gate - Grahm fell in muddy cow poop. Proud of his dirty Wranglers.
25. Cried when it was time to leave.

I forgot my camera - so these are cell phone pictures and stills on my video camera. Sorry!!

PS - I am to add that the boys riding is due all to their wonderful Aunt Katie who is going to whip them into good cowboys for me!!