Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Back to School

I have obviously put off this post. I really only put it off for a few days because Jayce chose to miss the first week of school to go to the Eastern Idaho State Fair (way more fun).

I guess I am not one of those Mom's who loves back to school. I like our summer routine, there is more flexibility and Jayce actually has free time. On the other hand I love fall, I love the new school clothes, school supplies, etc... I love the excitement and anticipation that builds just before they get to start a new adventure. So I should love it, right?

I miss our lazy mornings, snuggling after everyone else has chose to rush off to their errands and routines. I miss our togetherness, Jayce has an adjustment period. He comes home so cranky and mean. He is annoyed with Grahm all the time, tells him to Shut Up (so rude). He pesters Charlotte and has a hard time when being asked to do something. Once it becomes routine Mr. Hyde leaves us in peace.

I am sure the old days had their problems too. When kids did not attend school regularly because they were needed at home to work on the farm and education was primarily the mothers job. I still find myself wondering if I would like it better.

I would still want my children to have the best education the world has to offer, but I think they end up missing the most important knowledge. Family togetherness, working hard, and many other attributes they would learn best by working side by side with their parents.

I guess I will just have to adjust to the new routine and step it up at home.
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He loves his GI Joe Lunchbox!!


The whole gang ready to take him to school for his first day of Second Grade - only missed the first five days of school!!

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