Thursday, September 10, 2009

Speedy Vacation!!

I know that most people would consider a 12 day vacation a long one. However, I am not most people. I usually spend 4-6 weeks hanging out with family out west - so 12 days is not very long.

Oh - and the month before we left I was short one child. When my parents came to visit us they stole my oldest. Before this he had only spent two nights away from me. He did not miss me, but it was a long month for me. I am like my Mom - I like to have all my chicks at home.

What did we manage to cram in during the past 12 days?
1. Spent the first few days in Utah with the Geary's.
2. Grahm and Charlotte met their Aunt Sara for the first time.
3. Played with bubbles.
4. Dissolved gelatin caps containing sponge animals (hours of fun).
5. Ate fresh Utah Red Potatoes.
6. Visited with Aunts, Uncles, and cousins.
7. Played at the park.
8. Went for walks and hikes (the boys got stuck up the Indian trails - or Jayce did. I had to fetch them in my ballet flats, not the best for hikes).
9. Stayed up late.
10. Drove to Idaho. Love that Sage Brush - Jayce thinks it stinks!!
11. Got my Hair done.
12. Helped paint Laurie's house.
13. Ate lunch with the girls.
14. A little shopping.
15. Watched movies.
16. Played with the cousins (we wish we lived closer).
17. Got Rock Star toes.
18. Ate at Rupe's.
19. Played games.
20. Family Reunion.
21. Played with my Cousins and their kids (wow have we increased in size - we added 10 children to my Mom's primary (4 boys in one class!!!)).
22. Eastern Idaho State Fair - saw the animals, kept Grahm from getting too close to the animals, fed some goats, rode rides, Charlotte was mad that she could not ride more and longer, ate pronto pups, Philly cheese steak sandwich, funnel cake, and cotton candy.
23. Rode horses.
24. Slept in the backyard in a tent with cousins and second cousins.
25. Ran out of Diapers while painting at Laurie's. We borrowed some underwear and used a pad to be sure she didn't have an accident on Laurie's carpet. Wow - I am such a prepared Mom;)
26. Dirty Wranglers. While we painted, the boys would go explore the Lava flows at the other end of the pasture. I was very nervous they would meet a rattler, but they never did. They found lots of rocks. Grahm fell into a prickly pear, stuck his hand in it. I think Jayce yelled at him lots, because he did not want to go back to the house - but he did help him get all the prickles out. On the way back, crossing by the gate - Grahm fell in muddy cow poop. Proud of his dirty Wranglers.
25. Cried when it was time to leave.

I forgot my camera - so these are cell phone pictures and stills on my video camera. Sorry!!

PS - I am to add that the boys riding is due all to their wonderful Aunt Katie who is going to whip them into good cowboys for me!!

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KT said...

I'm offended you get pictures of the poser Hannah on the horses but not the one who actually had to saddle, deal with jayce freaking out and showing him its cool to lead a horse, and get the boys ridding good!! You need to include a disclaimer that it was all do to your sister KATIE that the boys are going to be amazing CowBoys!!