Friday, August 28, 2009

If I only had a Brain...

This is my mascot on most days. In fact we sing his song here all the time. Moments arise every day where the song is most appropriate. The song has been so popular in our home that the song has evolved - new lyrics and new tune.

Yesterday I needed to sing it, maybe even sing it from the rooftops - it was a doozy!!

We had a cooler, rainy day - we are still hoping summer will come. Not trying to rush autumn, I cooked tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch - YUM. Then I was faced with the dilemma of how to feed Charlotte soup. She does not want help and the thought of tomato soup all over her face, clothes, and tray was more than I could deal with.

I had a plan, a brilliant plan!!!! I would let her use a sippy cup. She doesn't use sippy cups anymore to drink, so the novelty would be working for me. Then I imagined her sipping hot soup and realized that you have to suck hard on those sippy cups and then you get slammed with liquid, in this case scalding hot liquid. Of course I was going to wait to hand it to her until it had cooled to a comfortable warm temperature.

So, I decided not to insert the valve, then it would function a little more like a regular cup and she could control the rate at which the soup came.

I decided to double check my theory before dishing up Grahms food and grabbing the sandwiches out of the oven. Charlotte and Grahm were giggling as I put the sippy cup to my lips. How funny is that - Mommy using a sippy.

So far so good, the soup didn't attack me. Then I slowly returned the sippy cup to its upright position and released it from my mouth. The air that was now trapped in the sippy cup burst out and sprayed my lip and nose with scalding hot soup.

As I lay writhing in pain, I decided it needed the valve and lots of ice!!

Now I have a nice red lip and nose and it is still burning an hour later. Like I said originally - I here my theme song playing!!! Hope you had a good laugh!

Ooh - I have a blister just on the inside of my nose. The story just keeps getting better!

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You are hilarious!!!!