Saturday, August 1, 2009

Home Remedy


You are about to find out what I have been dealing with for about a week. This is not a topic I like to discuss.

Diarrhea - yuck!

First Grahm and now Charlotte.

With Grahm we just had him wear pull ups, for the couldn't make it moments and adjusted the dose of the children's Imodium. We consulted the local pharmacist who recommended it as well. It is nice to have a husband who knows how to adjust the doses.

For Charlotte I don't like to do that so much. She is so little. So I went to my back up home remedy. We will be in Chicago on Saturday and I really don't want to be dealing with leaks and stomach wrenching smells.

So this is the natural way to deal with (uhm) diarrhea. Photobucket
You throw some rice in a pot and add double or more of the usual water and cook until tender.

Drain off the water into a bowl (save the rice and feed that to them as well).

Then you can add sweeteners or flavoring. I usually use jello, they actually will drink it. Just be sure to double the water called for or you will end up with jello - too thick for a straw or sippy cup.

I was just thinking you could even freeze it as a Popsicle if you are dealing with sore throats and fevers too.

Continue to let them drink rice water and eat rice until symptoms subside.

I already have mine packed to go with us.

Any other tips?

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