Saturday, August 1, 2009

Doomed from the beginning!!

We had planned a nice little family trip to Chicago for today - Saturday. Well things went awry.

Jason has to stand duty (be on call) 2-3 times a month. I had the bright idea. Since he had duty on a Friday, we would stay in a hotel together (he could avoid a cot) and then we would spend the day together after his duty ended at 7am.

We met Jason at about 6 pm yesterday for dinner. Then we headed to the hotel and he joined us shortly after that. We were getting ready to go swimming - about 8pm and he was called back in for an emergency. So I took the kids swimming and I called it quits at about 9pm (pull-ups start to fall apart after an hour - big goo blobs clear up her back -oops). Grahm would not sleep at all. Jason finally came back at about 11:30pm. Well he had 3 emergency patients in the night and slept for about 2 hours. So bad night - right!!

Then right as we are leaving our hotel - 10:30am - Charlotte has another bout of (uhm) diarrhea. We have to change her clothes and I did not pack extras. [Home remedies are not as fast acting as pharmaceuticals]. It is also a windy, rainy day. Jason decided that he did not want to deal with another blowout in her car seat, the stroller or worse - his arm.

So we headed back to Milwaukee promising Grahm we still would do something fun. We stopped at the outlets to grab Jason a pair of basketball shorts and eat at McDonald's- per Grahms request. Charlotte refused to eat anything and just cried for water (should have been a clue that things were about to get worse - this is exactly what Grahm did). Suddenly blue chunky water is drenching her and me and the floor of McDonald's. Ugh!

I still smell - off to the shower and crossing our fingers that she will be better soon.

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