Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Family Time in Milwaukee

(The girls in front of the Joan of Arc Chapel - we ran out of memory, so Amanda is not in this picture - next time she had better hurry when we call)

After being mostly unified in our desires for entertainment and enlightenment in Nauvoo and Carthage we arrived in Milwaukee where we were able enjoy the benefits of a large family.
In our 5 bedroom, 1 bath home we had 8 adults (Hannah is teen - but we will count her as a big person) and 4 children. Since I like to have parties (Jason does not) it was really fun to get to have everyone at our house and share new recipes with them and hone my hostess skills.

Then next few days were spent together and apart. Of course the girls went shopping one afternoon, the boys went and toured the Harley plant in the morning and visited the lakefront. We toured the Miller Brewery- We are Miller's after all. We visited the Market in Third Ward so my family could take home lots of cheese. We also went to the Joan of Arc Chapel. It is the oldest building in America!! It was closed when we got there, so we will have to visit again.

Photobucket Jason's rack of Ribs!!

Photobucket My Dad's rack of Ribs!!



Photobucket Inside the caves at the Miller Brewery.

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