Thursday, August 20, 2009

Help - I need opinions - and Fast!!

This is my latest project. We are nearing the two year mark with Charlotte and time to move out of the crib - so we started hunting. Jason does not have time to build me one, plust we both wanted an iron bed (my dream bed for Charlotte is very different from this - but its a secret until I can find one in my price range).

We found this early this week and it is soooo much cooler in real life. I love how the footboard curves around. I also love the patina - rust, crackle, and chipped up look.

The question is do I strip it of all the rust and lead paint and try to recreate a worn look or do I find a good encapsulating clear coat and just paint over it? I definitely don't want to put Charlottes health at risk - but how do you really recreate rust?


Katie said...

Cooool! Hmmmmm.... don't know if I am going to be much help... I would tend to want to get rid of the lead paint... but if you could find a sealer--- that would be easier than stripping and re-creating (not to mention how do you re-create rust?) I think I may look for a really good sealer and put on a few coats.... can't wait to see how it turns out!

Auntie said...

Micah, that is really a beautiful bed! I don't think I'd try to strip it though. Why don't you talk to someone at an antique shop and find out the best way to seal the finish that remains. This could be the re-creation of a really cool family heirloom.

T & E's Blog said...

I would just seal it in! It would be so hard to recreate that authentic look. And by the way...the bed is to die for!!! I just bought a headboard for Todd and me-very similar.