Friday, August 7, 2009

Another Week has Flown

Whew!! It has been another week. Times seems to be flying by too quickly these days. I have had a wonderful week.
Charlotte has not been feeling well and has forced us to slow down. I have spent the majority of my days snuggled on the couch. We have played "this little piggie..." sang lots of songs and just say quietly. Grahm would charge us occasionally and bounce us on the couch and snuggle and hold on too. It was wonderful. There were days that I would not have my makeup on until nap time. Breakfast dishes would usually have to wait until lunch time. But, I did my best to love it.

This is what else we have been dealing with this week.

We had noticed some (uhm) feces in the attic and I thought mouse. Until early this week when suddenly we had lots more and the Internet lead us to this conclusion - BAT. Since we have cleaned up any traces of bat, we have not had anymore. We are hoping an owl took care of it. However, every day armed with a flashlight I head up the attic stairs and inspect the rafters for any unwanted tenants. [Fun for Me!]

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Katie said...

Hope she is feeling better soon-- and that the uninvited tenant has relocated!