Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Life Well Lived Getting Happy

If you have stopped by Blogher you might have noticed that they have a Life Well Lived section that covers lots of useful topics. They have discussed staying on top of your laundry, dressing for your age, using accessories, and more.

I have been asked to comment on the question: How do you deal with negative people in your life?

How do I deal with negative people in my life?  I avoid them.  Just kidding.

I listen so they feel that they have been heard.  I let them know I understand their feelings without stoking the fire.  Then I try to focus the conversation on something positive, even if it means a change of subject (smooth and subtle change of subject).

Dr. Aymee has some great tips that I think can even get through to a grouchy 9 year old or an angry 7 year old.  Go check it out and share what you do to stay positive here. You also need to stop by here to enter for a chance to win $250.

**I volunteered  for this program and I am not being paid to share my thoughts!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Aquarium and Strange Poster

We visited the Aquarium again.  It was Jason's first time.  It is really cool and there is more to see at the entire Ocean Expo Park - another visit.

This picture is outside the Aquarium.   All over the park grounds they have other botanical sculptures of sea life.

We visited the aquarium with friends and the girls were so cute.  I love how 3 of the kids climbed into this window to watch the Sharks.

It was a super fun trip, except Tennyson was sick on the way home and made me wash the car seat cover.

At the Aquarium outside of the restrooms I noticed this poster and had to quickly snap a picture.  I believe it is telling us that if we don't wash our hands that we will get a beating from germs.  I love the visual image of being beaten by a giant purple germ.  So please follow the directions to the left to avoid your own future germ beating.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

She's One!

My baby is One and walking.  Technically a baby, but so big already.  I miss the days when she would sit and snuggle.  She probably had the worst First Birthday ever.  She spent her day crying for Mom as I prepared and hosted 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 9 year olds and taught them cool Science.  Then on the day we designated for her cake and dinner we decided last minute to run to the Aquarium and on our return home she ended up sick and blew out a diaper all over the car seat.  We kept her up too late trying to finish dinner and presents.  Next year will be better, I promise.

For her Birthday she received a Little People Ice Cream Truck (Which was very distracting because it wasn't wrapped.  She didn't want to unwrap anything.), bath toys, cupcake toys to add to the kitchen, and her Corolle Doll.  She has been trying to steal Charlotte's and it has been causing problems, so she was very excited to get hers. 

Can you tell by the one picture that she was tired and not feeling well?

 The kids thought the rainbow cake was super cool and it was kind of fun to make.  Maybe we will do it again.

Tennyson you are the busiest of all your siblings.  You are the most curious and determined.  You keep us on our toes.  We are so proud of you and love that you are apart of our family.  You still demand to be held by Mom most of the time and only give kisses when the mood strikes you.  If someone tries to steal a kiss you get angry (hope you feel that way at 16).  You love to play in the water (toilets are acceptable).  You like to get into your brother's Legos and you smile and run when you get caught.  Love you tons, Little Miss.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Mad Scientist Birthday Party (again)

Yes, I did a Mad Scientist Birthday Party a little over 2 years ago for big brother.  This time it was for Grahm and since it was Halloween I was able to get excited about decorating.  You will be surprised to know I didn't buy any new decorations.  My Mom sends my kids a creepy box every Halloween (they love it as much as Christmas) and so I am well stocked in creepy items.

The invitations were tucked inside small vials or test tubes.  They were simple and included things like "Testing Begins at"  "Lab Location".  The party favor bags I made .  I printed the logo I made on brown paper bags.  For how to print on lunch bags click here.  I will attach the pdf file for the print at the bottom (if someone has a picture they know is okay to use and distribute I would love to place it in the pdf file).  To add to the feel of the "Lab", I taped black plastic (garbage bags) over the walls.

For the experiments we:
1.  Franken-Bugs.  We made bugs with our Creepy Crawler Machine.
2.  Insta-Snow.  We learned about polymers.  You can read more here.
3.  Foaming-Snow.  You microwave Ivory soap (has to be Ivory).  Explained here.
4.  Hover Crafts.  You use a CD, bottle top, and a balloon.  Explained here.
5.  Tympanic Torture Device.  Could be really annoying.  Explained here
6.  Jello-Petri Dish.  I explained this using temperature and molecules.  Then every time they were getting too wild - I would have my molecules freeze.  We put smarties in our Jello to be our "growths".
7.  Film Canister Rockets.  Vinegar and Alka-Seltzer in a film canister and the lid pops off - be careful of eyes.  No pointing at anyone.  They can pop pretty hard.
8.  Diet Soda/Mento Geysers.  Explained here.

For refreshments we served:
1.  Abby Normal Cupcakes.  My awesome neighbor hand created each of these fondant brains.  I love how they turned out.
2.  Arsenic Cider.  I am in love with layering drinks.  The Sisters Cafe has a nice video how to.
3.  Cryo-Cream (sorry no pic).  Mint-Brownie Ice Cream.

My favorite decor for the party was the china cabinet.  I filled it to make it look like a specimen cabinet you see in labs.  Essentially I found creepy things, put them in jars.  Then added water and food coloring to them.  I wanted to add dust and cobwebs, but at some point you have to be done.

Here are a few pics from the party.  The boys were literally this wiggly the whole time.  I am glad that they had fun.   Here they are decorating their hover craft.

Playing with our tympanic torture devices.

You will have to find a picture of a spider or skeleton hand on your own and add it.
Mad Science Treats

Mad Science Goody Bag

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

If they live until 7 do I get to go to Heaven?

Grahm celebrated his seventh Birthday!  We celebrated as a family and then had a big Birthday bash for friends the following weekend.  It was fun.

He made off with a microscope and accessories (explains the face), Nerf gun, How to Pin Bugs book, and a coat.

 Ignore the Diet Coke in the background and the awful picture (it really makes the Torte look gross).
My 7 year old.  How on earth did he get this big.  I was just throwing a 7 year old party for his big brother.

I like the idea of taking a picture with the Birthday kid - so we started the tradition.  Well see if I can remember or get it done with each one every year.

Grahm you are super sweet.  You share better than anyone I have ever met.  You notice when people are in need and you are quick to respond.  You have lots of energy and love to laugh and smile.  You are good at sports and excel at everything you try.  You just started Gymnastics and are loving it.  You love Legos, Nerf guns, science, reading, running with you Dad (Mom is too slow), Star Wars the Clone Wars, primary, hugs, and so much more.  You are a good big brother and always try to help with the baby and you play really well with your bother and sister.  You are a blessing to us and a joy to have.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Run Forrest, Run!

0Well my boys like to run these days.  They ran again in September and plan to run again in October.  They are not getting in as much practice lately with soccer and football practices going on.  This has become our new family activity (well we manage about once a week all together).  By the way - I have new respect for stroller pushers.  That is rough to do - especially uphill.

Grahm finishing up.

Jason encouraging Jayce for the last 100meters.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Falling Off

I know, I know - where did I go?  

Well a combination of Football and Soccer taking over my life, readjusting to hormones, an early return, Birthdays, and a birthday party are to blame for my blogging absence.

Here are First Day of School pics to enjoy while I get things back in order around here.

I miss this smile and this boy, it seems he is doing the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde move on me this year.  I miss the sweet boy.

He is doing well other than Football is wearing him (and all of us) out.  Hope we have a good year.