Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Aquarium and Strange Poster

We visited the Aquarium again.  It was Jason's first time.  It is really cool and there is more to see at the entire Ocean Expo Park - another visit.

This picture is outside the Aquarium.   All over the park grounds they have other botanical sculptures of sea life.

We visited the aquarium with friends and the girls were so cute.  I love how 3 of the kids climbed into this window to watch the Sharks.

It was a super fun trip, except Tennyson was sick on the way home and made me wash the car seat cover.

At the Aquarium outside of the restrooms I noticed this poster and had to quickly snap a picture.  I believe it is telling us that if we don't wash our hands that we will get a beating from germs.  I love the visual image of being beaten by a giant purple germ.  So please follow the directions to the left to avoid your own future germ beating.

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Mike said...

I love foriegn posters, especially when they try and translate stuff to english.