Monday, October 10, 2011

Run Forrest, Run!

0Well my boys like to run these days.  They ran again in September and plan to run again in October.  They are not getting in as much practice lately with soccer and football practices going on.  This has become our new family activity (well we manage about once a week all together).  By the way - I have new respect for stroller pushers.  That is rough to do - especially uphill.

Grahm finishing up.

Jason encouraging Jayce for the last 100meters.


Sarah said...

Hi--I'm commenting on this post in hopes that you'll see it. My daughter actually found your blog when she googled 'camp half blood T-shirt' and clicked on 'images.' Of all the ones that came up (try it, there are quite a few), she liked yours the best. She wants to be Annabeth Chase for Halloween and is pretty particular about her costume (she's 9 going on 15). We're a military family too currently stationed in Seoul, so resources are sparse (as you know). I would love to know how you made your T-shirt and any other pointers you can offer--my email is

Jen said...

How fun that you guys found a wonderful way to stay active together. My girls complain when we make them ride their bikes around the farm, so I somehow don't see this is as being a future family activity for us. I would love that though.