Tuesday, October 11, 2011

If they live until 7 do I get to go to Heaven?

Grahm celebrated his seventh Birthday!  We celebrated as a family and then had a big Birthday bash for friends the following weekend.  It was fun.

He made off with a microscope and accessories (explains the face), Nerf gun, How to Pin Bugs book, and a coat.

 Ignore the Diet Coke in the background and the awful picture (it really makes the Torte look gross).
My 7 year old.  How on earth did he get this big.  I was just throwing a 7 year old party for his big brother.

I like the idea of taking a picture with the Birthday kid - so we started the tradition.  Well see if I can remember or get it done with each one every year.

Grahm you are super sweet.  You share better than anyone I have ever met.  You notice when people are in need and you are quick to respond.  You have lots of energy and love to laugh and smile.  You are good at sports and excel at everything you try.  You just started Gymnastics and are loving it.  You love Legos, Nerf guns, science, reading, running with you Dad (Mom is too slow), Star Wars the Clone Wars, primary, hugs, and so much more.  You are a good big brother and always try to help with the baby and you play really well with your bother and sister.  You are a blessing to us and a joy to have.


Katie said...

Happy Birthday Grahm! We sure do miss you!!

Jen said...

What a little scientist! He's definitely his dad's son. Mike hopes one day our girls will be as interested in science as he is or at least a little. Happy Birthday, Grahm!