Monday, September 28, 2009

Laundry Made Me Sad

Laundry has made me feel lots of emotions. I have been mad, overwhelmed, apathetic, lazy, happy (smells good), and more. But, never sad - until today.

Today I was turning a freshly laundered shirt inside out for my baby boy (who turns 5 on Friday!!!) and was a little surprised at how long the arms felt. Fall is always the time for going up a size in clothes and the change from shorts and short sleeves to long pants and long sleeves. So, I think the combination was a shock.

Suddenly - my baby boy felt a little too grown up. He shouldn't be wearing such big clothes!!! I never gave him permission to grow up. I just want these years to last a little longer.

A good reminder to be a little more patient, to raise my voice a little less, to hug a little more, to say I love you more, to snuggle more, to read stories more, and to see the world through his eyes before I can't.