Friday, September 18, 2009

Geary's Are...

Over the past two years I have heard of lots of families who choose a theme to focus on together to create better family unity and improve themselves. I loved the idea. I saw pictures of back to school nights with banners, elegantly set tables, fashion shows, crowns, themes, and yummy food. I heard of Family Home Evenings where families decided what they wanted to be known for. My younger sister was with it and has done similar things with her kids. So....

I decided to join in on this great idea. Mind you that most of the examples I have seen involved girls - so we attempted with our boys (We skipped the fashion show).

Jayce had been in school for 3 days before we had our act together and everyone home to start this tradition (I hope). I set the dining room table, used the china (which really isn't china), improvised a centerpiece to go with the theme, made a banner, improvised a desert (so much for planning ahead), and made crowns (more on that later).
As we sat down to dinner we had our Family Home Evening lesson and discussion as we ate (Jason has to go to bed early these days). We discussed what we wanted Geary's to be known for. Jason and I had decided the night before that Respect would be our goal. We discussed what Respect was and how to be more Respectful. We will continue to work on it.

I shared the story about the Prince who was captured by enemies. While in captivity they subjected him to all sorts of evil activities. After years of this, they asked him why he never joined in with the fun. He replied that he was born to be a king and that is why he did not join in on that kind of behavior. I reminded the boys of their divinity and how we should act because they were born to be Kings. (Thus the crowns I had them wear) I tied it in with being respectful.

We also started a job chart and an allowance. I had to make it completely objective, because I am a Mom who when she gets frustrated would take away their allowance (Meanest Mom in the World). If they don't get one of their jobs done that day, they lose their allowance for the day. Easy Peasy - except sometimes they tell me they don't care if they don't get their allowance. I love being a Mom!!

We concluded the night with all the kids getting a Father's blessing. It was lots of fun and I hope that by the end of the school year we will be a more respectful family!!

Looking Cool!!

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KT said...

Love the Crowns! Great idea I can't wait till Attie is older to actually understand whats going on!