Friday, September 25, 2009

...And He Rides!!

We have spent the last three years talking to Jayce about riding a bike.

"Jayce, it is so much fun - let us take off the training wheels. You'll love it."


Finally we took of the training wheels and started making him try it. He hated it, would carry on. Pedal too slow - so it would hurt your back trying to hold him up. He had a few short successes - but would declare - "I can't do it."

And that would be that.

While in Idaho - he had Uncles, Aunts, and Grandparents equally willing to run around holding his bike up in an attempt to get him to enjoy the JOY of riding a bike. They offered Snake Eyes Halloween costumes as bribes. We offered a BB Gun. Still nothing...

Then Monday night after Family Home Evening we took the three kids and their respective bikes over to the local elementary school paved playground to let them ride and get Jayce to ride. Jason got him started...

and just like that he was riding his bike!!!

I wanted to scream for joy (and out of frustration - he does things when he is good and ready - so I need to learn not to rush him - I guess)!!

The next day - I had to drag an unwilling bike rider on a walk. He was to ride, Grahm on his trike and I was pushing Charlotte in the stroller. And...

HE FINALLY LEARNED TO LOVE IT!!! Now he asks every day to go for a ride!

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KT said...

YEAH!!! I"m so proud of him, Just today when we went to moms for conference Atalyn walked past the bike and said' That Jayce's bike' Now next time well have a fun thing for him to do..and show off!! Congrats!