Monday, September 21, 2009

A Reminder

This post is to remind me, that when Jayce is starting school to be patient. I need to remember that this will pass.

When Jayce started Kindergarten I was excited for him, but my bubble was quickly popped. Suddenly he wasn't Jayce anymore. He had a serious personality change. I was patient with it for a few days. Then it stretched into a few weeks and I started to panic. I was wondering what had happened to him. I was imagining also sorts of bad things that must have happened to cause such a major personality shift.

I was ready to pull him out of Kindergarten. He was ready intellectually - he could read, say his ABC's, count, etc... But, maybe he wasn't ready.

And just like that, he was Jayce again.

I had this epiphany on Friday, when I was emotionally done dealing with an angry 7 year old. I need to remember that Jayce has a hard time dealing with changes in his routine. He is okay with one or two days being off, but settling into a new routine is hard. He was not quite this hard at the beginning of summer, but it still was not fun.

Next year I will be prepared, I think, unless...

What am I going to do next year if Grahm reacts the same way - I think I might go on vacation and let the equally grouchy Dad take care of it!!

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