Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wranglers - Gotta Love 'em

Why is it that there is nothing cuter than a brand spankin' new pair of Wranglers? Check out these cute rear ends!!! And they are mine:)

Wednesday Grahm, Charlotte and I joined Shalet, Daxton, and Lucas Godfrey at 'R' Farm. It was nice to sample all the fresh fruit. We had grapes off the vine. A couple of the varieties were quite the shock, and not from the taste. As soon as you bit into it the entire globular center would pop out of the skin, so on one side of your moth was the skin and then the other a nice globular slimy mass! We liked the tiny grapes that did not do that!!! The boys ran around climbing up in the apple trees. I remember thinking that I want more afternoons like this in my life - nice weather (border line jacket weathers), good company and happy healthy boys running around doing boy things!!! It was one of those nice peaceful content moments that are gifted to you every now and then.

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Godfrey Family said...

It was such a great day! Thanks.