Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Erinals,.... anyone?

Today was the first day of First Grade. School marks the passing of time, he is getting older. Jayce was so excited. He had lots of fun, played with all of his friends at recess, has his own spot at table #4. The best part of First Grade is the bathrooms! That's right folks, the bathrooms. In Kindergarten the bathroom is in the classroom, but in first grade it is in the hall. You get to use the "erinals or the stall," Jayce likes the erinals best.

Jayce, I love you. Have lots of fun in first grade, always do your best, try new things, choose the right, say your prayers whenever you need help, and don't wish for tomorrow. No mother could be prouder!

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KT said...

Brody say's he LOVES ERNIALS TOO!!! Jayce your so dang cute and you are getting so big we miss you and love you tons!!