Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 2 Hanging out BBQ - freaking out about housing

The Stinchfields wanted us to immediately feel welcome to the island and invited us to their Branch Presidents home for a BBQ.  It was nice to get out of the hotel and have several couples to ask questions to about living here.  Everyone was very nice and we received lots of good information!

By this point we had seen the inside of two different homes and I was freaking out about how I was going to live here for 3 years.  Everyone has made their homes feel nice and welcoming.  They have them decorated really nice, in fact I am stealing ideas and wondering how I am going to do the same thing in my house.  It was just that I was moving from my house, the house I had remodeled just the way I wanted it to these concrete cream colored boxes.  I went to bed feeling anxious.

Day 3 Church - feeling better about housing

We went to church with the Stinchfields and met even more wonderful people who had lots of advice.  In hindsight, having the fellowship of the church and the immediate support group that is built in helped us a ton.  We had dinner with the Stinchfields and I got to look at their home again, and the home of another member and I was feeling really good about the housing.  Maybe a good nights sleep helped!  I was mentally putting my things away in each of the different housing types and this was going to work just great.  (Hope you are hearing Annie singing "I think I'm going to like it here.")

Day 4 Laundry - teary Charlotte

Today I tackled some laundry and had Charotte crying most of the day.  She woke up at 6am and fell asleep between 9 and 10 (she didn't stay up late either!!).  The nap helped a little.

Day 5 Park - Charlotte crying to go back to Idaho, to hard here.

This morning was hard to get ready for the day.  Charlotte started being really fussy again.  She cried that she wanted to go back to Idaho.  She also said that it was too hard here!!  She is only two!!  I can understand her feelings, the first time I talked to my Mom since we arrived on the Island when I hung up I wanted to cry.  Too bad I have an audience of 3 to keep the brave face for. 

One thing I have noticed about our transition is that my kids deal with things completely differently than I do.  When ever we drive somewhere they want to ask 100's of questions and I want to sit in silence.  Silence to deal with everything that is new, to relax for a minute.  It makes it hard for me to cope when I want them to be quiet and yet I know they need me to answer their questions and talk to them as they make this huge adjustment. 

Today we went to a local park, probably recognized by its Pineapple shaped restroom!!  The parks here are really cool.  The slide was constructed of concrete, they have the coolest climbing ropes ever.  The kids loved getting out of the hotel and hanging out with new friends - The Stinchfields and the Palmers.


Katie said...

I am feeling for you... being almost 7 months pregnant and dealing with transitioning your family. But I know you are doing a great job. You were always such a great example to me. And I can't wait to see your place- I know it will be amazing.

After you finish singing the Annie song, check this out: (cut and paste)
(hope you watched 'One day at a time' or this won't make sense!)
Keep up the great work!
Miss you!!

KT said...

Hey that park looks super the slide waiting in line..YEAH!