Thursday, August 26, 2010

Summer Vacation - Post 2: Camping in Malad (B)

We only camped for one night - but we sure took tons of pictures (maybe to help get us through the next while of no mountains, wildlife or camping like we know).

Camping is not all fun.  Gathering some kindling for the boys second night.  That's right, they sent all of us girls home and the boys stayed for another night.  The did more hiking and campfire story telling (be warned - my boys like to tell stories.  The make them up and will recount entire movies or books to you.  I think Grandpa wont need to read The Last Olympian, book 1).

At one point on their hike, Grandpa and Jayce opted to head back to camp.  This left Dad and Grahm to reach the summit alone and Grahm did it.

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Jen said...

The mountains are gorgeous! You are such a pretty pregnant lady. How are you doing these days? Getting close, huh?