Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 7

Day 7: Picking our home.

Today our totally awesome sponsor hauled us around again. She and her two girls took us to complete the paperwork on our new van - now we can drive. Then she took us to look at our housing options. We were really disappointed that they would not offer us a 3 bedroom (with "bowling alley") on Camp Foster, but after seeing the 4 bedroom option on Kadena we are happy. The hardest part of making our decision was that everyone we have met attends the same church, we will have to go to another one. The home will definitely take care of our needs for the next 3 years.

After she dropped us off at the hotel, we decided to do some adventuring of our own. Jason had some errands to run. So he got behind the wheel for the first time!! We don't have a decent road map of the island or of the bases - so this was an adventure. We managed to drive from Camp Foster to Kadena Air force base without getting lost. We ran a few errands - we have cell phones now, we are real people again. Then we headed back to the Camp Foster, Jason had to go to Dental Headquarters. He had only one mishap and I don't think it was his fault - but it is fun to tease him. He had to squeeze the van between two rows of cars parked on both sides of a narrow street. Our trim grabbed someones tire that was rotated and sticking way out - oops!! No damage done, except maybe his pride.

Jason did make me drive later from the hotel to the post office, then to the commissary and back to the hotel. I did it and now I am not so scared of driving, it will take some getting used to. Every time you go to signal - you turn on your wipers (Jason had the rain to cover up his goofs!), also I keep hugging the curb!

At the commissary we bought a few Japanese treats!

The tube looking things are popscicles -yummy.  CCLemon is fizzy lemonade.  The drink pouch with the apple is really jello in a pouch - the kids don't love jello, so this one is out for us (by the way - made by Coca Cola).  The white one is a water drink - has milk and lactic acid in it - kind of yogurty tasting!! Trying the treats is super fun.

It has been cloudy everyday we have been here and rained for at least a few moments almost everyday!


Katie said...

Glad you and Jason are adjusting to life there. I can't imagine the culture shock... even if you are on the base. What a blessing to have those sponsors to help guide you through!

Jen said...

Yay to finally have your own vehicle. I'm sure you'll know your way around in no time. I know you must be feeling sad about having to move to another ward especially after meeting such wonderful families, but I'm sure the new ward will be great.