Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Our Summer Vacation in 3 Posts: Post 1 - Smithfield

We spent just over a week in Smithfield with the Geary's.  They spoiled us rotten.  We enjoyed yummy food (the best fruit leather - ever, and more).  The kids were entertained by cousins and Grandma (it was a nice break for me, a little relaxing after all that packing).  Here are some highlights:

Splashing in the backyard

A little too cold for my chicks!

Big Brothers are so thoughtless, splashing in the pool!

While digging in the orchard, we found water snakes.  We called the kids over to see and catch them.  Grahm - never having any exposure to living snakes was like a kid in a candy shop - NO HESITATION!  Scarry! (look closely at the picture - his smile says it all)

Of course if you catch a water snake you need to take it swimming.  This was one patient water snake - the second one we caught did not enjoy the attention as much.

Jayce says he wants a pet snake, but he had the sense to be a little hesitant about grabbing one.  He hated the feeling of holding it in one hand, the snake wrapped around his arm.  We told him to use both hands - then it was tolerable (not enjoyable).

Grandma loves her grandkids!
I am pretty sure Charlotte almost forgot how to walk during our stay.  Thanks Jenny and Stacey for taking such good care of them.

Jason and I gifted his parents with several new additions to their orchard!  It kept Jason out of trouble for a little while.

The whole crew working on planting! (Jason, Dennis, and Shane).

He is so sexy when he works hard!

Camera Dodging (I think he has extra eyes that alert him when the camera is pointed in his direction).

Celebrating the 4th of July!

They love art!  Thanks Grandma for making Mom chill and let us get messy!

Painting Percy Jackson pictures (Minotaur and Cyclopes).


KT said...

OH I love the pics of the boys with the fun!

Katie said...

There is something about boys and snakes. Jack caught some at his grandma's with the same thoughtlessness- just stuck his hand in the hole after one. Looks like a lot of fun visiting family.

Oh... there are lots of pics of your family... how is that belly progressing?? I'd love to see...:)

Jen said...

Ok, I now have the heeby geebies thinking of that snake swimming around in the pool with the kids. Looks like they had fun though.