Thursday, August 26, 2010

Summer Vacation - Post 2: Camping in Malad (A)

On our drive in to Cache Valley we made the "mistake" of stopping at a rest stop perched on top of a mountain.  As soon as I smelled the fresh mountain air I exclaimed "Let's go Camping".  So we did our best and made it happen, we drug the Geary's along for the ride.
Future hunter. Don't shoot your eye out!
Big tree on our hike!

Everybody Up!
Too tired for the hike, thank goodness for Daddy's!

Proof that they do get along (I need to print this one up big - just for me)

We missed you Colby (all of the Geary Grandkids  - except Colby).
This one was hard to get them to kind of sort of pose for and then I screwed up!
Our family picture waterfall (we don't get one every year - but started taking pictures here when Jayce was a bun in the oven).


Katie said...

Yeah a belly shot! Love your face on that pic-- I know it isn't your favorite thing:)thanks!

Great family pic by the waterfall.

I love blogs. Feels like you are right here with me in my living room...sniff...

Jen said...

It's so beautiful out there. I would love to camp out there. I'm guessing there won't be much camping going on in Japan, so good thing you got in one more experience before leaving.

KT said...

I love getting to see pictures of you! Yeah!