Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Our Little Park

Just before we left Japan we spent lots of time at our little park.  Jason would frequently use it as his way of entertaining the girls while I was busy with the baby.  I joined them one day and Jason had his camera.  Those fun moments you get to watch your kiddos be kids.

 photo Backyardpark_0015copy.jpg

 photo Backyardpark_0029copy.jpg

 photo Backyardpark_0030copy.jpg

 photo Backyardpark_0023copy.jpg

As the temperatures get cooler and cooler here I start to miss the mild temperature of our island.  I think I would even take a typhoon if it meant I was warm and could wear flip flops.  We are adjusting and getting settled, it just seems like there is always an urgent situation needing out attention and I can't get into a routine.  I am craving it.  How do you get a routine going when every day something important disrupts it all?  Seriously, would love to hear!

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