Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pictures of our last day, Jayce's Perspective.

I was downloading pictures and found these from our last day in Japan.  I of course demanded that we spend part of it at the beach.  We only had the morning until Jason had to drop off our car to its new owners.  What I love about these pictures is Jayce had the camera for a big part of the day.  I get to see what he thought was worth taking pictures of, I think they are cute.

 photo LastDay_0005copy.jpg
Digging for sand toys.

 photo LastDay_0008copy.jpg

 photo LastDay_0043copy.jpg

 photo LastDay_0041copy.jpg
They decided to splurge and pay for a banana boat ride.  The Japanese are always worried about safety.

 photo LastDay_0042copy.jpg
They are waiting for the ride to start, I don't think Jason was impressed.  It was impressive enough for my boys.

 photo JayceCollage7.jpg
I love all the selfies!  I wonder if the sign is warning about Typhoons or what.  The wave is picking up that poor kid.

 photo Tych2-1.jpg
He loves the soda machines and Shisa's!

 photo Tych3.jpg
Jayce will miss the vending machines and soda choices.

 photo Tych4.jpg
A wooden ship playground, the kids love the zip line.

 photo Tych6.jpg

 photo Tych5.jpg

 photo JayceCollage9.jpg

I had never read this sign and always wondered why they chose a wood ship for a playground.  Thanks  Jayce for the story!

 photo JayceCollage8.jpg
More cute selfies!

 photo LastDay_0048.jpg
Our final sunset, it was beautiful.

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Katie said...

Awesome! Love seeing those genuine smiles... he looks so old though!! where does the time go??