Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's a Cave! Can't Go Over It, Can't Go Under It, Guess We'll Go Through It!

Yeah, Jason doesn't have school for two weeks!!! We headed to Cave of the Mounds to make some family memories and let me get a geology fix. It was a nice day and a nice drive. The kids played nicely in the backseat, We visited and held hands (almost a date, except the three blessings in the back).

There at the cave the let you buy bags of dirt with mineral, or fossils in them. You then get to pan for your specimens. The kids really enjoyed it and now we have some nice minerals and fossils (yes we bought 2 bags) to add to our collection. Grahm even found a piece of dinosaur egg shell. We have a small emerald sample, and lots more!!

The cave tour was well done. I learned new cave terminology - flow stone and straws. It was nice and cool, there was one spot where it gets narrow - that made me a little uncomfortable. We saw great formations and the kiddo's liked it.

I love this beautiful world that we live in and I am so lucky that I get to share all its mysteries and beauty with my family. Thank you Heavenly Father!!

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KT said...

HEY, this sounds super fun!! I want to pan for some minerals :(