Sunday, January 29, 2012

Consequences For Mom

One day last year I made Jayce mad at me.  He was sent outside.  I don't even remember the reason for any of it now.  While he was outside he decided that I needed to learn a lesson.  So he wrote me a message...   NO MOM

On the back of the car, scratched into the finish.   Lesson Learned.

The only reason he has lived to tell this tale is our car is a beater and will have to be junked when we leave the island.  Hopefully, they all understand that there is a zero tolerance policy for this choice.


Mike said...

OOOOHHH! I cant begin to tell you how mad I would be at that. Did you scratch "Yes son" on his back with a rock!?

KT said...

hahahaha!!! sooo Funny. I one time wrote "Hate Mom" :( in the back of our closet with one of my dumb clogging shoes!

Jen said...

Wow, what can I say that you already haven't said. I'm sure Jayce learned his lesson.

Annie had a strange outburst a few weeks ago that really came out of nowhere. At some point she had gotten ahold of a Sharpie marker and wrote "I AM NOT A HAWLEY" on her forearm. Mike quietly took her outside and had her shovel snow for about an hour. He didn't yell at her or say anything, but it was apparently enough to make her feel remorseful. When she was done shoveling she told Mike she wanted to apologize to him and me for writing on her arm. I told her that she would have to go to church the next day and explain to everyone what was on her arm. She completely freaked out. Fortunately for her, the next morning I removed the marker with rubbing alcohol. As I was removing it, she repeated that she really was sorry for doing such a rotten thing. She's really been great ever since. So sometimes those outbursts can be a good thing and teach them a lot about maturity.