Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Tambo Fest!

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First of all, I am sorry I haven't posted much lately.  I rarely have two free hands these days and our internet has been painfully slow.  This post took me several days to get up!

 Golden Week is the week where there are 4 national holidays, including Children's Day.  Children's Day is to celebrate the happiness of children.  It was originally Boy's Day and carp flags are traditionally flown throughout the week.

 photo MudTych4.jpg
Jayce really got into it after a week start.

The Tambo Fest or Mud Festival was held during Golden Week.  In Japanese Tambo means rice field.  In the community of Kin a farmer allows his field to be used for the festivities.  Basically the kids play in the mud, swing, slide, swim, whatever they can come up with.  Jason hated every second of it, he later convinced the kids that there was manure of one kind or another in the mud.  He told me it was a bad idea.  I want to know what happened to my country boy - do you think he will still like country life?

 photo MudTych2.jpg
Charlotte was hesitant but jumped in and enjoyed gettin' muddy.

 photo MudTych3.jpg
Grahm my usual wild one was hesitant, cold, and decidedly not in love with gettin' muddy.

 photo MudFestival_0115copy.jpg
Jason declared Tennyson the brightest because her toes were almost too muddy for her tastes.

 photo MudFestival_0118.jpg

Muddy hair, the black moss was almost impossible to wash out.  Several rounds of shampoo and more conditioner than normal to try and comb it all out with a little screaming for fun.

 photo Mud_0110copy.jpg

As we were leaving we noticed these worms on Grahm's back.  Gave Jason and I the heebee jeebees so bad we both took a shower too.  My google research says they are blood worms - midge fly.

 photo MudFestival_0120.jpg

The muddy bunch and one vampire.

 photo Mud_0117.jpg
Trying to get clean enough to get into our awesome van - because it would be awful if it got dirty (just ask Jason.   I only cared about the baby's car seat).

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