Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Back in the Saddle

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I apologize for my longer than expected absence.  They packed up our belongings in Japan on June 18 and then we didn't see it again until August 24.  We are still getting settled, but we are finally all connected again.  I received a kind e-mail from blogher informing me that I was going to be dropped from their ad campaign, it has been too long since I blogged.  I have had it on my to do list, but with unpacking, school, and a new business - I have been slower than I wanted.  So, I am back to blogging and hope that my readers will return!

So much has happened and the time has flown since we left the hotel in Japan at 6:30 am on July 1.  We spent the next 25+ hours travelling back to the states and our new life here.

30 minute bus ride
2 hour minute flight
6.5 hour layover
9.5 hour flight
3 hour layover
2 hour flight
1 hour layover
1 hour flight
30 minute car ride
14.5 hours flying
10.5 hours waiting
1 hour commuting

+ 1 sea bag, 2 medium suitcases, 5 carry-ons, 6 large suitcases, and 3 car seats (1 of which was a carry on) (not counting Jason's luggage)

Which of course it wasn't that smooth.  Everything was relatively smooth until we reached Seattle.  When you go through customs you pile all your luggage and carry-ons on to the carts to get through.  Then they load it on a conveyor to go to your connecting flights.  The airport personnel are so efficient that they had grabbed Jude's car seat and sent it off down the conveyor belt before we realized it.  We needed to get it back.  They told us it would be no big deal.  We followed their instructions and said good by to Jason who was staying in Seattle.

Thank goodness I have a husband who worry's about us a ton.  I took the kids and our carry-ons and headed to the gate.  Parked us and sent Jayce and Grahm with money to buy some burgers while we waited.  Shortly after that Jayce and Grahm return without burgers, but with Jason and the car seat.  The airport had not idea where to send the car seat.  we would have lost it!  After feeding and pottying everyone I realize that they had changed our gate, fortunately not too far.

They are late boarding us and getting us to SLC.  I only had an hour layover to begin with.  And now I have no layover, 5 kids, carry-ons, and a car seat.  We land and they asked everyone to stay seated so those of us with connecting flights could make it - no one every stays seated.  We were at the back.  We  go off and I sent Jayce (who is very concerned about missing the flight), Grahm, and Charlotte to run ahead of me.  While I carry Jude in the carry seat and beg with and plead with Tennyson to please run and keep up (this is at 24 hours of travel).  Some how we made it to the gate, and they let us on.  They even let me take Charlotte to the bathroom before we boarded (the plane is waiting for us).  Tennyson and Jude are both having meltdowns at take off.  We made it and were welcomed home with signs and a crowd.

We will forever miss Japan and will cherish the time we spent there.

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KT said...

Aww I loved reading this, soon glad to have you back.

Karisa and John said...

Welcome back to America!

I think you guys will be forever changed from your time in Japan. What an adventure. Good luck adjusting back to your new home.